Discussion: Report: Man Shoots Himself In Front Of News Corp In NYC

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So, who was his employer? Was it Fox News or not? And are the WSJ and the New York Post the best possible source to look to get straight, factual reporting about News Corp and Fox News? Is the sourcing perhaps the reason for the seemingly willful obfuscation?


the man was heard protesting Fox News, crying that that the news channel had ruined his life

Gregg Jarrett???


“shot and killed himself in the chest”

huh? sure, it gets the point across but are you guys just now learning to Engrish?


the right-wing hate and propaganda machine has certainly damaged and ruined many family relations. For instance, I absolutely refuse to discuss politics with my parents, in part because of the fucking bullshit they hear on Fox News and repeat, in part because my stepfather actually believes those stupid fucking chain emails his idiot moron shitheel asshole sociopath teabagger buddy sends him. I cannot even say “I’d rather not talk about that, can we talk about something else?” because that leads to a hostile interrogation about why I don’t want to talk about politics with them, which leads right back to the very subject I wanted to avoid.


Uh oh…anyone know where Glenn Beck is?


FOX NEWS EXCLUSIVE: Democrat bigots drive ex-Fox employee to suicide.


“He shooted and kilt hisself in the chest.” Fixed it.


Logical question, why didn’t he shoot Rupert or Roger instead of himself? That would be a public service millions of people would applaud.


Well, it wasn’t Wolverine, because he would have just healed immediately and walked away.

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It seems like the TPM reporter here is going to extremes to bring “Fox News”–(justifiably) the bete noir of many in here–into the story. The dead man apparently worked for a local Fox station in Texas and, even if he was involved in that station’s news operations, the local stations have very little involvement with Fox News. And there is no indication here or in the linked articles that his grievances were with Fox News but, rather, with NewsCorp.
Sloppy reporting and editing doesn’t do our side any good.

The Journal article says he worked for a Fox station in Texas. That is not Fox News.

Rupert Murderoch’s News Corpse’…claims another victim.

Perhaps it was the shame and embarrassment that flooded over the poor soul after reviewing his life and realizing he’d worked for FOX. The usual requirement for employment at FOX or with News Corp is to leave your integrity, self esteem, self worth and any regard for truth and fact at the door before entering.

It would just give the FAUXbots a martyr to rally around.

Nuyhuh. Right. Sure it isn’t.

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AngieCoiro: That arrested jaywalker in Austin - part of the backstory on #foxnews empl. who killed himself in Manhattan today. http://t.co/Xf5ufW59Ah

Phillip Perea was a promotion producer at Fox when this [Austin jaywalker arrest] all went down, and he teased a story on Facebook by aligning a picture of Stephen crying next to one of Acevedo reacting. But the one he used of the chief was more sensational than informative, and Perea’s superiors didn’t like it – because, apparently, neither did Acevedo.

75% of the country would know it was more Fox BS.

This is Obama’s fault, right?


Sorry, bro’. I skeeve on Fox News as much as the next sentient person. But it has no operational contact with the local stations or their local news departments and your unsupported conjecture that it does does not change the facts.
Don’t take my word for it, just watch a couple local Fox affiliate newscasts as you travel around the US. You will see cheezy graphics and sensationalist reporting, but you won’t generally see the right wing angle on everything that you see on FN.


He knew too much about Benghazi!!!1!

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