Discussion: Report: Indiana Lawmakers To Propose Changes To Protect LGBT Individuals

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And as a result of a related consent decree, Indiana lawmakers unveiled their new state motto:

“Come for the tax breaks, stay for the sodomy.”


Go tell the bigots at Memories pizza, m’kay?

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The tea gops have a congenital defect…A lacuna between the ears!


According to the Star, the altered legislation will prohibit businesses
from using the religious freedom law to defend discrimination against
customers on the basis of sexual orientation or gender identity.
However, the law will not make gays and lesbians a protected class under civil rights law. Lawmakers also added protections for gays and
lesbians in housing and employment, according to the Star.

OK. So where does the “religious freedom” for the fundie nutjobs come in? Sounds like they’re not getting what they originally thought they’d get although the LGBT community still isn’t a protected class, so there’s that…

So this law does precisely: nothing. I thought conservatives were all about not passing new laws when laws were already on the books.

The law should be repealed. If Mike Pence thinks doing the right thing now would make him look foolish in the wake of his definitive pledge not to do so, he has nothing to worry about. That water done flowed over the dam already.


Oh…looks like he’s trying to get er done before Saturday’s Final Four. That train has left the station though. I’m looking forward to seeing what will happen all around Indy on Saturday.

If you remove the anti gay provision then the whole law was a farce in the first place as federal law does what they claimed they were intending to do, which we all know is false. They tried to pass anti gay legislation legalizing discrimination against Americans they didnt see fit for "gods love’’'whatever the hell that means. And they got caught, though it didnt matter if “libtards and fags” complained, they didnt give a shit. But once money started draining from the state and the bright glare was shined on their bigotry nation and worldwide they ran like cowards to fix it. From the beginning this was a way for religious cranks to discriminate, nothing more. Good move Pence, and no one believes you didnt know what you were sigining. You were a bigot in the House and youre still a bigot today. And your bigotry was reinforced by the claim of the grifters of memeories pizza as they proudly claimed now they had a right to deny gay service. Now they are making bank because you gave them an excuse to claim “victim”. Before this law no one was trumpeting that cause. You led your rubes down a rabbit hole Governor…Shame on you and all your right wing religious fanatics.


I am going to discriminate against them by not ordering their pizza. First, because they’re bigots, second because their name is O’Connor and I prefer Italian pizza. And besides, I doubt they deliver to New York.

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Pence and republican legislators are rearranging the deck chairs on the Titanic.

I never quite got how doing business with customers ever implied approval of their choice of spouse, political party, sports team or anything else. I mean, when a plumber comes to my house to fix my toilet, I don’t need him to approve of me, just to fix the plumbing quickly at a fair price.

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Commence with the eviseration of Pence throughout Wingnuttia for “caving” to the Satanist Sodomite Liberals. Andrea Tantaros will be full throttle apoplexy. Limbaugh will have to say something so disgustingly misogynistic and homophobic Goebbels will take notice from his grave. Hannity will host a panel of mouthbreathers bemoaning the end of civilization as we know it. The next few days will be fun, pass the popcorn.


Other than for political reasons, why was this legislation passed in the first place. Why were religious groups singled out for protection?

You all realize these amendments only carve out an exception for gays. The Indiana RFRA creates special protections for fundies. Why don’t they just enact an Indiana version of the Federal “Religious Freedom Restoration Act.” It provides the protection Pence keeps talking about without being offensive. Why all the extra horsing around adding super duper special provisions for the fundies. The super duper special provisions might not pass constitutional muster.

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For a long long time the Federal Courts applied a rule of strict scrutiny announced in a case called Sherbert v. Verner (1963) in cases involving claims that a governmental action impinged a religious practice. The government had to overcome a high burden when it wanted to do something involving a religious institution or practice. The early cases largely involved claims that the Feds had violated Native American religious practices–eg peyote used in religious ceremonies. The Sherbert rule was substantially narrowed in a case called Smith. Chuck Shumer in the house and Ted Kennedy in the Senate introduced the Federal RFRA to restore the Sherbert test. It was passed almost unanimously in both houses. The Federal law is very focused. The Feds have to establish a compelling reason to impinge on a religious practice. . In a subsequent case the Supreme Court held the Federal Law didn’t apply to State statutes, so a lot of states passed their own versions of the law. The recent laws in Arizona, Indiana, Georgia and Arkansas expand on the federal version of the law and carve our some additional rights for religious people. The original RFRA is designed to require the government clear a high hurdle when its actions impinge on religious activities. The new laws are much broader. For example they extend to the interactions of individuals giving the actions claimed to be religious preference when balancing between respective rights.

I suppose for people who feel perfectly justified sticking wands up women’s vaginas and demanding urine samples from poor people, being judgmental about another’s spouse is only mildly intrusive.

I’ll pass on that show. It’s no fun when everything’s a cliche and you already know the ending.

was the whole point to begin with. The only point.