Discussion: Report: Cop Behind 'Breathe Easy' Shirts After Garner Is Making 'A Lot'

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So what.

Must be light new’s day.

Should bundle this with “I’m with stupid” for a true his and hers matching outfit.


I want video of what happens to the first motherfucker to wear one in the wrong place, wrong time. Maybe one of these pigs will send their kid to school wearing one…that’d be a hoot.

Whitebread, Indiana…home of white Christian theocrat conservatives jesus freak racists stuck in a regressive fucking time warp ain’t that place or time. They feel safe openly expressing these racist, bigoted beliefs in those communities because they ARE safe openly expressing racist, bigoted beliefs in those communities.


The political insensitivity is breathtaking.


“All cops are bastards.” How’s that for a shirt? You like that?


Because illegal murder-choking what cops do? A stunning disconnect from humanity.

LibTARDS can’t SEE the huMOR in A cOP cHOKing a BLACK maN TO Death the EITHEr COmedY is deaD Or LIBtards have NO sense of HUMOR!!!1!1one!!11!!!


Selling “loosies” is right up there with jaywalking as an offense, but courtroom came there none.
And what law did was broken by Tamir Rice?


Now I understand! Nothing to hide, nothing to fear, right? All you have to do is submit completely to the will and accept the actions of any police officer, justified or not, legal or not, and maybe you won’t get shot, Tasered, or the shit beat out of you?



The making a joke out of a man’s senseless killing and ugly authoritarianism are sickening, but it’s the way they always feign innocence and engage in deliberate obtuseness that is enraging.


The back of the shirt has this disclaimer: Not breaking the law is no Guarantee

The police in NYC still have grievances that amount to hurt feelings. The police around this country are standing together, with there sensitive feelings of powerlessness in the face of swarms of angry black men with there hands in the air.

These shirts are vile. They imply that if you break the law, any law including asking for a buck from someone who bums a smoke, that the police have the right to literally choke the breath out of you.

I am tired of these children. DeBlasio needs to inform the police to get over themselves, or quit. As a country we need to make it clear that we will not put up with thugs in badges. When a cop uses excessive force, he should be disciplined severly. If a cop commits a crime, he should be tried. There only job is to keep the public safe.


Playing while black.

I’m not surprised about Indiana, and I’ll bet he can sell a lot in my state (Kentucky) and further south. C’est triste, n’est pas?

and/or shoot you. Everyone’s right with this conservative answer of yes or no philosophy. I’m getting very concerned to what the outcome will be.