Discussion: Report: Clinton Scheduled To Appear On 'Saturday Night Live' This Weekend

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She can tape something for the Human Rights Campaign, but not for the millions watching SNL.


ANYTHING to criticize her over…this is a ridiculous jab.


To appear on SNL, the Times reported, Clinton would’ve had to turn down the opportunity to be the keynote speaker for the Human Rights Campaign, a LGBT advocacy group.

Sounds like the NYT, having little else of value to engage in, has volunteered to be Hillary’s appointment minder and priorities nag.


Keep in mind, this is the same NYT that employs odious “mean girl” Maureen Dowd.

I think a giant 100 L. tube of Rx-strength Prepatation H [TM] is in order for their prodigious case of chronic Clinton butthurt.


She’s appearing at a breakfast for the HRC the same day that Bernie is speaking to the group.

She’s done SNL before, to great effect.

This is a smart move on her part, because she gets to do both.

The NYT is just harrumphing because it’s what they do regarding Hillary.


Maybe someone thought that HRC’s speaking to the HRC would be seen as redundant.

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lol…I see what you did there…