Discussion: Report: Border Patrol Was Told To Ignore Lawmakers, Attorneys During Travel Ban

Nice to have this confirmed. Congress should be making these guys’ lives hell (although they won’t).


So much for the law and whistleblower protections. Lemme see, who was in charge of that whole mess? Oh, that’s right…DHS. And who was in charge of enforcement and giving the orders at DHS during the Muslim travel ban? Oh, that’s right…ding, ding, ding…General Kelly, now tRump’s Chief of Staff.

Oy. This does not instill much confidence.


So people tasked with enforcing the law deliberately proceeded to break the law with impunity.



And do not forget that somehow, CPB staff magically produced and presented to incoming immigrants, documents they were told they HAD to sign. Those documents, if signed, indicated that the signer waived any right to enter the US now and forever. In numerous cases, the immigrants were denied ANY access to an attorney or even someone who spoke English.

Where these documents came from has never been determined as far as I know. How they appeared so quickly in the turmoil caused by Trump’s sudden ban is yet another mystery, but clearly at least some Customs personnel were more than ready and eager to take the law into their own hands.


Are we sure Arpaio didn’t get a role in the Misadministration while we weren’t looking?


America really has no clear picture of just how immigration is being “enforced” right now…from dead of night deportations, to dismissal without right to legal counsel, to kangaroo court decision making. ICE and CPB have become their own empires and ones apparently well protected by the Sessions Justice Department and allies like Bannon and Miller.


Oh yes, he was/is likely an advisor. The kind of people Herr Trump loves. People who enforce the law by destroying it.

Probably a ripe candidate for a presidential pardon on the eyes of Trump.

Can’t have good law enforcement if law enforcement has to follow the law. Duh!


I believe he’s already been deported. Fastest deportation ever.


Is the intent to give the Democratic House so much to investigate that they can’t get through all of it in two years?


I’ve noticed here on the east coast that European friends who used to visit the states several times a year have stopped coming. These are white Europeans from the Netherlands, Germany, France, and Ireland who are not in any way the focus of any of these racist travel bans. They too no longer feel welcome here, are horrified by Trump, and are now vacationing elsewhere.

I know this is only a tiny sample, but my gut feeling is Trump is really really hurting our tourist industry – a service industry which employs a ton of his base.

I’m starting to overdose on irony.


Time for body cams for the CPB. If they don’t have anything to hide…


People need to be hauled in front of Congress for this and then summarily fired, pension eradicated, kicked to the curb and potentially prosecuted for obstruction of justice and corruption or whatever else might fit the specific actions uncovered. If I was an attorney representing someone who had been detained and found out about this, heads would fucking roll and bank accounts would be emptied. Section 1983 suits would flow like water.


CBP: The Trumpstapo.


The unions of ICE and the CPB both overwhelmingly and aggressively supported Trump, the first time (IIRC) a Federal law enforcement union had ever supported any candidate.

These organizations apparently attract right-wing white nationalist types to their ranks, it would probably be hell to work there and NOT be “on board” with them.

Like certain offices of the FBI, right-wing lawlessness has created vigilantes with a badge. God protect us from lawless “law men”, who else will?


The same Kelly who has been praised as a heroic, moderate, voice of reason - and appears to be almost single-handedly in control of the White House. That doesn’t make me feel better. . . .


This would be a good time to let go of the “I was just following orders” excuse and make people take individual responsibility in a democratic society.

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Agreeing with @marby, this concerns me.

There is a clear reason why the Founders separated active military from leadership roles in the new Republic.

I’m not an attorney, but I would think that ICE and CPB employees are going to be legally liable for carrying out illegal acts. It will take civil suits to get to this level, but Kelly may bring some discipline to the White House, but at what price?

Re-watch Seven Days in May.


This would lead Trump being deluded into thinking that DHS is his own private army who responded to every order he barks at them. Add this to the impeachable offenses.