Discussion: Rep. Thornberry: Concerns About Military Takeover Of Texas Are 'Silly'

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If I was in Hillary Clinton’s campaign staff, I would use examples JUST LIKE THIS ONE, to paint ALL Republicans as not just incompetents but KOOKY incompetents. Stuff like this is your key to the White House door.


Well now FINALLY we have a high profile, current Texas GOP officeholder willing to speak out against this ridiculous conspiracy theory. Better late than never.


[sarcasm mode]Texas! Don’t listen to him. The military is coming to take away your rights. The only thing you can do is declare that you’re an independent country![sarcasm mode off].

Any public official that addresses this stupidity with anything less than Rep. Thornberry’s approach has proven themselves as incapable and invalid as a candidate for public office. Cruz, Paul, Perry, and all the rest of them. Anyone giving this craziness air should be laughed out of the pubic square.


Well that just cost him the paranoid fanatic vote. In Texas, that’s a critical voting block.


Yeah, but when he’s up for reelection next year, his opponents in the GOP primary will denounce him him as a leftwing-liberal-immigrant-loving-pseudo-intellectual-Marxist-jihadist. (Oops! That should be leftwing-liberal-immigrant-loving-pseudo-intellectual-Marxist-jihadist-Hillary-Clinton-lapdog.)

You know, the usual everything-but-the-kitchen-sink rightwing accusations.


The problem with that, of course, is that after JADE HELM 15, we won’t be having any more elections…


It’s not “silly” you dope, it’s paranoid delusional crazy like a mother fucker INSANE.


Yea, but rearrange the letters in WalMart an what have you got?!?!?!
Mart[ial] Law!


And you can’t spell Jade Helm without J-E-H-A-D!!! Wake up sheeple!


After huffing a can of spray paint it all becomes so clear…


And I’ll bet he’d say that privately, after a couple of beers. But he has to live with those same crazy mofos. I think life as a sane Republican must be hard enough without adding to your burdens unnecessarily by saying precisely how crazy the crazy ones are.


This guy represents one of the most Republican districts in all of Texass. He won his seat by 91% of the vote during the last election, and 87% in the election before that. In fact, his district is so red, no Democratic candidate even bothered to run against him the last two cycles. So, Representative Thornberry is one of those rare birds that can get away saying whatever the fuck he wants and not pay a price for it in his district if it runs afoul of party fat cats, bigwigs, and ruby red muckety-muck-buckets.

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Alex Jones '16

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“Silly” is way too soft of a term. “IGNORANT IDIOTS” is a better nomenclature.

Some of the theories also suggested that recently closed Wal-Marts were being used as cover for underground tunnels that would enable the takeover. A spokesperson for Wal-Mart denied that there was any truth to the “rumors.”

Walmart’s statement should have emphasized that the closings were reportedly retribution for union organizing.

Better yet, ignorant idiots adopting clinical paranoia as a political philosophy. And being proud of it.

That said, this would be a great time to take away their guns and open up a planned parenthood in every county.

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