Discussion: Rep. Roger Williams (R-TX) Says Staffer Shot At Congressional Baseball Practice

Read the headline again, TPM. It sounds like the staffer was the one who shot at the Congressional baseball practice.


Steve Scalise of LA was shot, but there are 20 little children and six adults dead in Connecticut and except for the representatives from the state, this congress didn’t say this much about those shootings and murders. President Obama cried as he made remarks about the children, was mocked for that moment, and it’s hard to feel sad or to feel anything about guys who were shot when they actively support the NRA.


I realize this is a politics blog and the need to produce clickbait never ends, but SERIOUSLY.

You’ve done 7 or 8 pieces on this.


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Waaah. This is your america, dude.

Rand says it would have been a massacre if the security detail hadn’t been there. Why? Virginia is a gun soaked open carry state, so that people will be polite and good guys can stop the bad guys. So why didn’t they?

Also, Rand, the rest of America doesn’t have an armed and trained police security detail. Hence the ACTUAL massacres that happen all the time.

You fucking un-self-aware piece of garbage.


This will get buried while we focus on critters



I’m confused about the Congressional reaction. I thought DT said it would be no big deal if he stood in the middle of 5th Avenue and shot somebody. Different rules for the commoner?


Baseball practice without weapons? If they had been armed this wouldn’t have happened. And they claim to support second amendment rights… hypocrites!

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Why is this news? It’s just an American citizen practicing his second amendment rights, under the protection of the NRA and the Republican Congress. People get shot and killed everyday, and not one of these guys ever blink an eye. The only thing newsworthy here is the security detail - paid for with our taxes - that stopped this from being a massacre.


It’s always “too soon” to have a conversation about gun control - any kind - until it becomes mandatory that we all are packing heat.


Right now (10:45 AM) in a press conference the Alexandria Chief of Police (I think) brought up the issue of too many guns on the street. Then he got a comment from a reporter questioning him for bringing up gun control at this point and he said it’s something that he talks about every day, and that a state (?) policeman with a wife and small child was just buried after a senseless shooting.

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In other words: “You liberal media vultures better stay the hell away and not ask him any of those pesky Gun Control questions.”