Discussion: Recording Shows Pilot In Colombia Plane Crash Says He Had Run Out Of Fuel

A hell of a way to commit suicide.

when I read the first reports, the description/range of the plane involved, and the distance of the trip, I suspected this was going to be the case. planes generally “over fuel” for a trip, to take into account possible unexpected headwinds, etc. this plane was running on fumes at the end, it should have made a mid-flight re-fuel stop, before heading on to its final destination.

the fault lies entirely with the company management, who committed criminal negligence. they sent that plane on a trip it had minimal odds of completing safely. this was no “accident”, it was a clearly foreseeable result of improper planning, or of not using a larger, longer range plane to do the job. the company should be sued out of existence, and the managers responsible for this flight have criminal charges filed against them.

my earnest condolences to the families and friends of those needlessly lost and injured on this flight.

Maximum range mission into mountainous terrain at night. What could possibly go wrong?