Discussion: Rasmussen Poll: Michelle Nunn Leads Either Potential GOP Opponent

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Rasmussen? Didn’t they try to kill that guy, like, eleventy billion times?

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Interesting. AJC had her up by 1 vs. Perdue 2 weeks ago. It appears that Nunn may be starting to trend upwards against Perdue. And she has two months to build on that while Perdue and Kingston are forced to go after each other (and spend money).


She just for Sec Shinsiki to resign.

I just off the phone with her campaign office and told them she is wrong…she better clear it up NOW.

I asked if she, herself will resign if one of her staffers messes up.


When Ratsmussen has the Teabillies down a couple points, you know it’s bad.


She’s a hard candidate to support, until I think about the Republicans. She’ll pull that centrist crap, but at least she’ll be sane, not to mention keeping the Democrats in the majority.

Since she does a bit better against Kingston, and he has a longer record to defend, maybe he’s the preferred opponent. I don’t get the impression she’ll engage in anything but risk-avoidance campaigning, but it seems Kingston is prime for a McCaskill-style “he’s too conservative” ratfing campaign.


Never mind. A PPP poll finds her leading Perdue by a couple, and tied with Kingston. Better she put her resources into drop-off Democrats. Just hope she figures out centrism doesn’t get them out to vote. http://www.dailykos.com/story/2014/05/23/1300287/-Daily-Kos-Elections-Live-Digest-5-23

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Has TPM been down for a few hours. I could not click on comments.

According to Nate Cohn of the NYT: “In Georgia, for example, President Obama won 45.48 percent of the vote in 2012. About 31 percent of Georgia voters were African Americans, who went about 9-1 for Democrats. Latinos were about 2 percent of GA voters, and they break about 2-1 Democratic. Asian-Americans are also increasing rapidly in GA. So a guestimate would be that about 15 of Obama’s 2012 GA percentage were white voters. So, approximately 24 percent of Georgia’s white voters cast their ballots for Obama in 2012. When that figure reaches 30+ percent, GA will be a blue state. It could happen sooner, as the percentage of white voters decreases.”

As we talked the other day, it seems as if Nunn could take 30 to 35 % of the white vote, particularly women and squeak out a win.


I’d be tempted to support a tree stump for the seat to keep Mitch out of the majority seat.


I think so. I still don’t know why they gave up Disqus a couple of revs ago. It worked fine. The replacement and then this system have been nothing but problems.



Even my local papers website never seem to have the problems this site seems to “Constantly”.have.

Glad I wasn’t alone on this.

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They were adding the little box with all the Prime discussions.

Things may play out in GA as they did in IN and MO in 2012 and VA in 2013. Dems take away some women voters from the GOP’s pie and add minorities as a share of their pie. I hope.


I see. Thanks much squirrel town.

I believe they changed because they weren’t able to control the spammers. I think that is one of the reasons. This system does take some getting used to and I am not still not using it to the fullest because I am a dummy when it comes to technology.


Nunn isn’t a Democrat really. But she will vote Democratic more often, vastly more often, than her Republican challengers would. I’m voting for her and donating to her. I am so tired of crazy people running for office here.


It’s a toss up. She can campaign about not being a career politician with Kingston and face the screams that she has no experience or she can run against Perdue who also is running on his family name and who also has zero experience.

I know. I was (and still am) a bit pissed about the posturing idiocy of Nunn and Grimes yesterday over the VA mess. While I understand for both of them it is a pre-emptive move to encase themselves in teflon against GOP opponents over the issue (and to try and prevent the GOP from “nationalizing” the race) it really rubs me the wrong way. I also posit it is not as strong a tactical move as running at the issue (i.e. “turn into it” if you will).

But no matter how “blue dog-ish” they might be, they will be a damn-sight better than any GOP Senator that would the the alternative. Both as an individual office holder as well as for the caucus (and by extension, the nation as a whole).