Discussion: Rand Paul Schmoozes With Rupert Murdoch At The Kentucky Derby

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Y’know, sometimes in a horse race a trainer enters a second horse in addition to the one he favors to win. The second horse’s only purpose in the race is to set a suicidal pace, cause other horses to diverge from their individual trainer’s game plan, get the other horses to burn up energy too early, and help clear the field to help the favored horse to win. The second, sacrificial horse is called a “rabbit.”
Maybe in this instance Rand Paul is the rabbit.

Murdoch concluded by asking Paul for two mint julips and a Coke.

Rand Paul and Rupert Murdoch make a cute couple, and they deserve each other. Working together, they could destroy the country.

They deserve each other.

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Ah, Rand Paul is engaging in the obligatory and proverbial derriere kissing to secure his bona fides with the nutty Fox News viewers and its head.

Republicans courting foreigners for support? Where’s the outrage from the knuckledraggers?

I bet the stable hands wore their shovels out following those two horses asses around.

Don’t you just love that MurDoch brown on R’s nose?