Discussion: Rand Paul: Cruz Is Definitely Qualified To Be Canada's Prime Minister

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Note to self…buy more popcorn.

I find it interesting that I’ve seen comments on several teabagger sites of them being unaware of Calgary Cruise being born in Canada and they felt regardless of the natural born part it disqualified him. I’m wondering how much of the mouth-breathing base is tuned in enough yet to pick up on this and what it might mean deeper into the primaries and general.


Um, no, Rand. sCruz isn’t qualified for two reasons:

  1. He renounced his Canadian citizenship; and
  2. Despite have elected Bush Lite Harper too many times, Canadians aren’t stupid enough to elect sCruz.

He is, however, qualified to be Prime Minister of Cuba because, well, they don’t have one.


Aqua Buddha strikes again, capitalizing on the basic fact that facts don’t matter to the GOP base.


Says the guy who is hardly qualified as an Ophthalmologist


Fellow liberals and Dems - just stay out of this one. Let them fight it out. We know the answer but why help set straight any injustices here? Pass the popcorn and practice smirks. They built it and deserve our scorn, not our help.


Yippy poodle is on the attack!


Great trolling though.

You gotta love it when these clowns start painting warts on one another and lighting the others farts!


He might be bizarre enough to be elected Mayor of Toronto.



If the R contestants were ever to tune in to what is said here and acted on our wise counsel, it would be a much saner contest, but it’s fair to say they don’t give a flying phuck what is said in Democratic circles…

Buy Newman’s Own, after-tax profits goes to good causes.

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Jesus. Even Rat-Hair’s snark sounds like an entitled frat boy’s.

Impossible - the Canadian Prime Minister is breathtakingly handsome. They would never elect someone as ugly as Cruz.

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We need a ‘You’re not qualified if you meet the basic standards of being a DICK’ …clause.

Moose Grin Falls, up in the Northwest Territories where a man can be a man, is seeking a maid for their sweat lodge.

Yeah—Senator Snotnose. If Cruz biffed him one at the next debate and he cried like the Cowardly Lion I’d laugh. Touching concern for the way Obama was treated, though. Heart as big as all the Kentucky outdoors.


This is getting beyond surreal…

Who wants to start a pool as to who goes birther on Cruz next?

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The only qualification to run for Parliament in Canada is to be 18 years old, a Canadian citizen and resident of Canada. Alberta Rafael renounced his citizenship, therefore is now ineligible, RatHair.

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Delicious, simply delicious! Let the beatings begin!!

When asked to clarify his stance, Paul said he wasn’t an expert on the Constitution.

Shouldn’t being an expert on the Constitution be a prerequisite for being a member of Congress?


Rand —
“I haven’t found any authored works by which to comment on this subject yet”

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