Discussion: Rand Paul: Buyoffs For Key Senators In New Obamacare Bill 'Unseemly'

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Unseemly? Yeah, that’s one word for it…


Unseemly? It’s more than that…


Is it better to have craven slime like Yertle representing you in the US Senate, or a man of principles (whose principles are almost uniformly terrible)?

Glad I don’t have to make that pick. Y’all enjoy them, Kentucky.


What a shitshow


Turning and turning in the widening gyre
The falcon cannot hear the falconer;
Things fall apart; the centre cannot hold;
Mere anarchy is loosed upon the world,
The blood-dimmed tide is loosed, and everywhere
The ceremony of innocence is drowned;
The best lack all conviction, while the worst
Are full of passionate intensity.
Yeats 1919

So the best of the GOP have a conscience and the worst of GOP want more death and distruction.


Bribes and the sight of Senator Cassidy yawning as protesters in wheelchairs were handcuffed will define this tragicomic farce of a legislative process.


Yes, a man of principles. Well, principle: I will always grandstand on topics that will get me on the next Republican Presidential Candidate Gravy Train.


Aqua Buddha evidently is angry he didn’t get some more sweet sweet moolah for himself.


Sen. McConnell needs to cut his losses and move on.


It’s funny how they find the money to bribe their own but speak nothing of what they are willing to cut to have the money to bribe with.


“If you’re going to say the whole country is short of money, which we are…”

I call bullsh–.

To claim, as Republicans do, that America’s broke is an utter (and easily fact-checked) lie.

US households have a total net worth of $85 Trillion.

The One Percent, alone, has almost $30 Trillion – free and clear.

The top 10% has over $70 trillion.

Earning interest on the interest.

There’s no reason whatsoever that any man, woman, or child in America should go without healthcare.

Or be hungry.

Or homeless.

Except to give our rapacious Billionaire Class even more obscene tax cuts at the expense of the destitute.


He said the same thing last go-round and voted for it. He’ll definitely vote for it. It’s down to Collins and Murkowski again. We cannot let them fold and hope that someone else will object.

OTOH, I’ve often wondered if this passes (or had previous version passed), if it wouldn’t absolutely decimate the R’s in the mid-terms. As it stands now, advocates are saving Obamacare so DT can drown it in the bathtub…


Just a reminder, as if anyone here needs one in 2017, that even when they’re on your side on something, libertarians are the enemy, not friends. If a libertarian is on the right side on a bill, it is invariably for the wrong reason, because the bill does too little harm, not too much. Their support for your position on the bill isn’t merely a marriage of convenience, it is the prelude to a bigger fight that they want to start.

They’re not pulling off the members of mob that are beating someone because they think it’s wrong, but because they need room to get in there and go to work with a knife. They aren’t stopping a bartender from pouring another because the drinker is too drunk to drive, but because they want to top that shot glass off with with wood alcohol. They aren’t against kleptocracy, they’re for neofeudalism.

Never celebrate with them, never take your eyes off them, never thank them, never give them credit for having the courage of their convictions, because the next fight starts before you’ve even won.


Unseemly behavior? On Capitol Hill? In the Senate?
Well, isn’t this a revelation?!

Thank you, Randal, for looking out for the little guy.


I hate it when Rand Paul says something correct and intelligent and not nakedly partisan and I am forced to agree with him.

Meaning they did not offer enough to Rand Paul.


hmmm. Maybe was wrong and he won"t do the predictable fold.

They are very much the embodiment of “the enemy of my enemy is not my friend.”


“I’m just not for a trillion-dollar grant program that keeps most of the
Obamacare spending,” he said. “This is thrown together sort of in a
slipshod way … A lot of this is about electoral politics.”

Hmm … double hmm. Really? You think so?

Is that just cheesy grandstanding or do I smell 2020 on your breath?