Discussion: Rand Paul Applauds Outgoing AG Holder On Criminal Justice

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Even with all his pandering, he still ain’t gettin’ the black vote. Someone bet me on this.


stopped clock, yada yada yada

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Having reasonable and compassionate positions on one issue and astonishingly retrograde positions onnall of the other issues only makes you look more like a pandering sociopath.


True enough. Though this little story also beautifully encapsulates what’s been a Paul family hallmark: just a few eminently reasonable and even laudable positions that can get some liberals thinking, “Hey, I can’t believe it, but I could actually consider voting for this guy!”, followed by the realization that they’re in every other respect complete and total nutbars (even apart from the racism, the 19th century fiscal policies, and the now-rampant-on-the-right confusion of the Constitution with the Articles of Confederation):
Anti-war? Pot legalization? Criminal justice reform? Hey!
The Fed’s insolvent? The Civil Rights Act overreaches? Mandatory vaccination portends martial law? Oh, right…


Well, he’s got the poodle vote locked down.

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‘Out-going’ AG--------------

Really brave , Randy.

Took a lot of (hair)balls to do that, huh?

Only those that believe in states rights for poodles though.

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Rand Paul suffers from some ideological consistency. This will hurt his chances for the nomination to lead the plutocrat party.

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wait, being anti-drug war, anti-property seizure is pandering to the black vote? what are you saying?

Ya know, this country is just crazy enough. Tweety predicted it – years ago, although I admit I don’t know where he stands at the moment. I wonder how Jebbie is going to deal with Randy.

Considering that he is in Iowa and running for the Republican nomination for president, it takes some political courage or possible naivety to say that in Iowa.

Is the Federal Reserve insolvent? WTF is he talking about and is pandering to Iowans the proper way to make his case?
The squirrel vote, that is the only thing that makes sense. Ryand is after the squirrel vote in hair and verse.

“…reducing penalties for possession of marijuana…”

Careful. Don’t get too mavericky there.

Not to call into question your news judgement, TPM, but isn’t the real story the fact that he thinks the Federal Reserve is insolvent, not him that saying getting 55 years for selling marijuana is obscene.