Discussion: Pruitt Rescinding Safety Rules Prompted By Fatal Plant Blast

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“Reducing regulation” is always good, right?

Sheesh! What is with these people?


To prove how clever he is –perhaps Pruitt should relocate his new office to a Texas fertilizer plant.


Trump and his chosen one’s shall live well. Fuck the rest of us.


There’s real sickness in our democracy when we have to give up job safety and environmental protection while the person in charge of those needs increases his own (taxpayer funded) personal security in order to avoid our complaints and concerns.


“The safety rules were prompted by a 2013 explosion at a fertilizer plant in West, Texas, that killed 15 people.”

But what about the chemicals?

Doesn’t anyone care about the chemicals?

Dear G-d, please – tell me the chemicals are OK!


Have a difficult time with understanding there was a Fertilizer plant so close to homes and schools. I had been going through West several times that year and recent to that day and was stunned to see the news. And Pruitt would like to loosen the reins? Makes no sense.


I believe Scott Pruitt’s zealous efforts to make it obvious that he is a willing tool of all exploiters, bar none, is because he thinks it will make him President. It’s the one trick he knows. It’s worked to get him to D.C. He’s convinced that a significant number of people with a significant amount of money will help him get more powerful. And he’s not thinking about going back to podunk OKlahoma!


I am goddamned sick to death of these people.


Pruitt’s office is a fertilizer plant. Produces nothing but bullshit.


That guy is just begging for a rearrangement. Government officials should never be that smug. You know what I’m saying?

Of all the trump creatures, other than his spawn, I think Pruitt’s stock has risen the highest as th most reprehensible and in need of a reset.

But that could change with the change in the wind, of course. And there’s always Barf KAC.


Originally, Pruitt’s goal was only to increase the number of cancer diagnoses from 1.8 million to 2 million a year. Much of this has already been achieved simply by having 10 million Americans drink tainted water. But hey, if increasing accidents raises the mortality rate, he’ll take it.


All to help tighten Chiselin’ Trump’s reign.


With special emphasis on “death.”


The WEST Fertilizer Plant explosion was so powerful that not only did it level buildings including homes and an apartment house right across the street, it actually shattered water and wastewater lines underground in the blocks in close proximity to the location. It was determined to be the equivalent of a small earthquake and was heard and seen for miles. Full details are here:

Regulations were lax and no one knew just how much was being stored in this facility. These small facilities are located in smaller communities all over the country and are a source of fertilizer for nearby farms. The new regulations were at least a step of limited notifications, including to local volunteer fire departments who need to know what is being stored in their community. Firefighters were responding to a fire at the facility and were killed when the facility exploded.

This is an actual photo taken from Arlington, TX, approximately 80 miles away, on April 17, 2013, shortly after the explosion.

Thanks Scott for putting us all at risk, again. You SOB.


What next, removing pesky rules against combined weed killer and diesel shipments? Taking down the no smoking within 100 feet signs near any flammable materials. Of course we could be mean the and ask them why they are removing rules covering flammable materials and not inflammable items as well.


This is literally insane. Deadly workplace explosions are things you try to prevent period full stop. There’s nothing good about them. No sane business would risk them; no sane insurer would let an insured do so either. This is an ideological phobia toward regulation of any kind, particularly regulation that came about under the blackity black usurper king. The laissez-faire mindset comes from the Gilded Age, with an attitude toward exploitation that we renounced long ago. Or thought we had, at any rate.


It’s no wonder this little shit thinks he needs 24/7 protection. Hopefully, someone will be good enough to get to him. Sad.

You need to understand there isnt that much space in Texas so sometimes you get things being built really close to each other that normally shouldn’t.


Yeah and so does he, hence the 24/7 security team.