Discussion: Prosecutors Want Blagojevich To Serve Full 14 Year Sentence, Defense Wants 5

As much as I can’t stand Blago the Blowhard…hasn’t SCOTUS already made the types of crimes he was convicted of essentially legal now? Didn’t SCOTUS legalize various forms of corruption, in other words? According to the conservative opinions on the court, one would think so …i.e. Ex-Gov. Ultrasound.

Funny how that works when a Republican is convicted of similar crimes…I guess I don’t get how there is much difference between the two. One serves no time and is basically exonerated and the other gets over a decade in prison. Different strokes for different folks.

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Couldn’t happen to a nicer guy. He can rot in jail as far as I’m concerned.

Few things offend me more than exploiting than public corruption for personal gain, and in the modern era, few have done this more outrageously Blogo and his toilet mouthed wife.