Discussion: Prosecutors Reviewing Cases Of Illinois Officer Who Killed Himself

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Reviewing cases of the lying suicide officer is one thing…I want to know what is the county police department is going to do to root out corrupted officers on their force? How about cleaning up the force too?!


The (Waukegan) News Sun reports that the Lake County State’s Attorney Michael Nerheim says there are 13 prosecutions since 2008 involving the late Fox Lake Police Lt. Charles Joseph Gliniewicz.

Only 13 since 2008? That seems odd to me, but maybe it’s normal? I would think a police lieutenant would be involved with the prosecution of more than an average of less than two cases a year. Can one of our many brilliant TPM JDs make sense of this for me?


I’m not hearing the heads of police unions butting in here. Can’t imagine why.


I had the same thought. Seems pretty odd.

Paging NCSteve.


Still waiting for Bill O’Reilly to admit his role in propagandizing and politicizing the hell out of this case in his War on Black Lives Matter.

Because make no mistake, this is a WAR that Bill O’Reilly is waging against BLM. And his main weapon just blew up in his face.

Minor point: county peace officers are sheriffs and their deputies; city peace officers are the city police and their deputies: Sheriff = county; Police = city. I wonder if calling this peace officer a police man by the author is correct, or is he more correctly identified as a “sheriff deputy”?