Discussion: Professor Who Wore Headscarf To Leave Christian College

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“I was blind but now I see!”
John 9:25


Every single artful or statuary rendition of the Blessed Mother (Mary) is depicted wearing the hijab. We don’t have competing gods, we have competing religions.


I’ve got to really question the academic rigor of a religiously-oriented school that would dismiss a professor for saying the God of Christians, Jews, and Muslims is the same God, the God of Abraham. It’s a fact that few contest.


Nearly 3,000 undergraduate and graduate students attend the philosophically Ass-Backward Bigoted Wheaton College,which is roughly 30 miles from Chicago.
The ultimate ugly collateral damage of this whole stupid ignorant fundamentalist melt-down is the crap-splatter from this that hit the wonderful & progressive & enlightened
Wheaton College,which is roughly 40 miles from Boston .

This has been an absolute nightmare for the good folks at Wheaton College in Massachusetts.


She’s better off.


Let none question the rigor of their prejudice, however!

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Two words. Wrongful termination.

Get a lawyer and Sue these fools.


I’m sure she did have legal counsel and it looks, from the statement she made, like she sold out for the quick cash.

Given the situation, that was a very good move. There was no staying there after the school charged her with violating it’s state of faith (which didn’t exist when the school started), so the next best option is to leave., and since they decided to publicly smear her, a settlement and leaving is the best move. The settlement might be nothing more than a promise not to bash her to any other school that might be looking to hire her, and maybe pay for the rest of the school year.

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It really explodes the myth that Wheaton has any claim to academic credentials.


Ouch. Yeah, I was getting them confused too.


She violated the statement of faith’s dress code?

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“…[T]he college’s statement of faith, which all instructors sign. Among other things it affirms belief in “one sovereign God,” views on Adam and Eve and the existence of Satan.”

We hold these myths to be self-evident.


I am satan, and I use the internet.

In a statement posted
on Wheaton College’s website, the school and Larycia Hawkins said they
“have reached a confidential agreement under which they will part ways.”
The statement didn’t go into details.

Here’s hoping Dr Hawkins finds a job at a real university.


I suppose the Wheaton faculty would accuse Mary of being a …Muslim. Jesus is depicted as wearing robes that look to be suspiciously Muslim-like as well.

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You seem to be using the word “fact” as a term of ‘art’.

There was no such thing as a “Muslim” before Muhammad, who is reported variously as having been born somewhere around 540 years after the date Christians assert for when Jesus was born (assuming Jesus lived). It’s difficult to accept that people in the Arabian peninsula in the 6th century wore the same sort of clothing as people in Judea some five and halve centuries earlier.

Though I follow no religion currently, I was raised Southern Baptist – and your statement concurs with the teachings of my youth. I wish Prof. Hawkins a bright and successful future.