Discussion: Pro- And Anti-Immigration Protests Face Off In California Amid Crisis

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Didn’t take the idiot mayor long to realize that the folks that are flocking to his side makes him look bad.


Proud, proud Americans, making the rest of us ashamed because they’re screaming at children who’ve traveled thousands of miles alone, seeking refuge because their homes are nightmarishly violent. It was nice, by contrast, to read about the simple humanity of the people in Nogales, Arizona. Where I live, there are more people of Mexican background than there are of any other group. Nobody takes anybody else’s job, resources aren’t strained, nobody screams at anybody, we get along fine.


I would love to see an actual native of this country hold a sign sayin I WANT YOU ALL OUT MY COUNTRY


These creatures show the true colors of the conservative movement and it is petty, bitter and ugly.


You nailed it. That mayor is starting to realize he picked the wrong side. The intense hatred of conservatives has tarnished all that come near it. The GOP brand now stands for intolerance, ignorance, cruelty, violence and stupidity.


This is the start of the stronger anti-illegal movement. Back in the 50s, teachers were respected. Then those idiots “solved” Brown v BOE by busing. This was hugely unpopular, and started the road to today’s teacher hatred. Same thing here. Illegals must be deported. We need the rule of law. We have NO responsibility to fix other countries. Let them fix their own countries. You advocates for “the white man’s burden” are hugely contemptuous of brown people. “Oh, their lives suck. We must help them. Oh, cry cry cry. Oh, sad sad sad.” They are big people. Let them fix their own countries. We have NO responsibility to fix their problems.

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You got that right.

What Would Jesus Do? I doubt he would shout USA! USA! to a bus load of women and children being moved from one processing center to another because of overcrowding.

I think it’s time we insist these assholes stop calling this a Christian nation and find something else to chant while they’re terrorizing children.


This IMO, wouldn’t have happened if the authorities would have disarmed and mass arrested all the loons at Cliven Bundy’s. As long as the right wing is condoned and allowed to intimidate and terrorize they will remain emboldened. They said it best when they said, “this is the beginning of the revolution”, that should be taken seriously instead of ignorant hyperbole. On day one all these “protesters” should been arrested and jailed.
The sooner people come to realize their agenda is not about patriotism and liberty but about tearing down and destroying the country, the sooner it will be stopped.


Keep it up, Teabaggers. Every time your racist bullshit makes its way onto the local news, the Republican Party in CA loses just a little more muscle.


You noticed the dyed hair too.

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    "Some demonstrators drove hundreds of miles to show their support for the immigrants"

Sure, because Bunkerville likes Mexicans and Murrieta is about 15 degrees cooler (Fahrenheit) /s

I wonder how much rile up John and Ken at red meat KFI radio are juicing these people?

Will the mayor run for statewide office now, this region is reliably reactionary, Issa, Cunningham, Metzger etc.?

ICE has more weaponized cops than any other outfit, local, state or federal and if they take these people to task, then all of a sudden Obama is protecting the border after all.

Oh, as I’ve been inferring for months now, the senate stays blue: http://www.latimes.com/nation/la-na-senate-battle-20140705-story.html

When ‘patriots’ attack, especially with front groups spawned by Sal Russo implicit meddling, it’s froth and acidic aftermath (will) may simply eat the GOP from within.

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How easily it is forgotten that all of us came from elsewhere. A lot of folks who came in the early 20th century and before were not exactly “legal”. And a lot of the anti-immigrant feeling has not much to do with the legality of said immigrant but more to do with ethnicity.


Welcome to the climate-changing 21st century CE!

People flooding the US border will numerically increase many times as their own regions become inhospitable to sustainable agriculture.

Nature now demands inexorable payment for all the “free” CO2 that our First World way-of-life has released. We’re all in this together, nativists included!

Not to mention ill-informed and stupid.

Right you are. The GOP is basically irrelevant in CA already.

NYC, tri-state area, CA and Chicago are full of immigrants from Europe, Asia, Middle East who came here on visitors visas and just parked here.
Yes, visas were tightened up after 9 11, but they’re still here.

I’ve heard of no special efforts to send them back.

Funny how these folks only seem to get worked up over “illegals” from Latin America.

The longer they are allowed to show their hatred the more damage they do to themselves and the Republican brand. Arrested they become martyrs to the “cause”.

Well said, Doremus__Jessup. They have shown the face of Republican “patriots” and it is disgusting the majority of Americans.


It appears that the majority of these protesters occupy the lowest rungs of the American economic ladder. Perhaps having the opportunity to do a little hate’n on those of far lessor means lets them feel superior to someone for the first time in their lives.

Whatever drives their hate and fear it sure ain’t the traditional American values I know and respect. Would that we could deport these pathetic m’frickers.

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