Discussion: Private Meetings, Calls, TV Spots: Allies Still Try To Convince Trump To Keep Sessions

Trump wants Sessions out because he won’t illegally obstruct the investigation. Sessions wants to continue on to pursue harsh, racist policies against African-Americans, Dreamers, and asylum seekers. Neither covers himself with glory, but I’m forced to root for Sessions to stay only for Mueller’s investigation to continue. And then, hopefully, both will be out of a job.


I think Sessions is running on limited time. I see it as highly probable that Trump fires him after the midterms…and that’s the only thing keep him in place right now.

Trump is clearly at the end of his rope with Sessions, and as the pressure is increasing on him and his senior staffers from Mueller, he has jumped right back on the bashing Sessions train with everything.

A Blue Wave in November is going to infuriate Trump and he WILL lash out. Sessions is going to the most probable target (though not the only one). Also keep in mind, more stuff will break in the news from Mueller between now and November, which is going to make Trump even more desperate to shut it all down.


“Senate Judiciary Committee Chairman Chuck Grassley, R-Iowa, has said that he will not schedule a confirmation hearing for another attorney general nominee if Sessions is fired.”

Grassley is a liar. He would hold a confirmation hearing the very next day. All of his supposed moral stands end up being immediately abandoned; he showboats in a rickety dinghy.


I think Grassley eventually caves, yes…but firing Sessions will be hugely unpopular with the GOP in the Senate. I definitely think that Grassley and others will make a show of a stand in public.

A lot of course will ride on who Trump nominates to replace him. If the plan that Pruitt leaked played out for example, I think Grassley would refuse to hold hearings on Pruitt, and even more importantly, I think Pruitt would go down in flames. The smart move would be to nominate someone like Cotton or even Kasich, to dirty them up so they can’t primary Trump…but Trump’s insistent on complete loyalty and grovelling to him will preclude making the smart move.


Sessions is a dead man walking. Once the midterm elections are over, he’s out, and AG Pruitt shuts down the Mueller investigation (after firing Rosenstein).

It is simply not possible to overstate the importance of the mid-term elections this year to our democracy. If voters don’t show up at the polls, the country is going to get what it deserves, good and hard.


The Senate might make a verbal stand, for half a day while the press is there, and then they will vote as their Lord Trump demands. I can count on one hand the exceptions. It’s the same with Graham and Flake and all the others who claim they’re against Trump - it’s all a bunch of words, and then their actions immediately after say otherwise.

… Wondered if he made the right decision in not doing so previously. Well, we will just have to fix that.

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If Trump fires Sessions, he’ll have Deputy AG Rosenstein running the DOJ. At this point t’s unlikely Trump would have enough votes in the Senate to approve a replacement


I imagine that little Jeffie Sessions will be free to spill more beans on Trump to Mueller…

if he has any left to spill, that is.

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I wonder who was leaking to AP and why, for this placement to happen. But the crucial sentence is

And both Giuliani and influential Republican lawmakers have hinted that,
once special counsel Robert Mueller’s probe wraps up, Sessions could be
in danger again.

Once the probe wraps up (if it does rather than being stopped or something else happens) Sessions will be moot for trump. He’ll have other fish to wrap.

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Trump has concluded he can’t fire Sessions and get away with it. He has also concluded that he can’t fire Rosenstein and get away with it. Sessions would stab Trump in the back in a second if he lost that job. He is quite likely cooperating with the Special Counsel. Beauregard knows too much. He was around for a lot of meetings collecting a lot of information. He knows many things. Trump knows this too. That’s why he hasn’t fired him and likely won’t.

At this point, the theory that Mueller has sealed indictments ready to go is more plausible than when I first heard it over a year ago because of the passage of time and the amount of evidence we’ve seen in the public sphere. Trump’s best hope of survival is to win the Congressional elections and sell the GOP on an impeachment defense.

Even if that happens, I suspect a grand jury will name Trump an unindicted co-conspirator and he’ll be faced with trial immediately after leaving office, or he pulls a Greitens/Nixon and tries to negotiate a deal to resign in exchange for an agreement not to prosecute.


Trump keeps pointing his TV remote at Mueller and cannot understand why Mueller doesn’t disappear.


As usual trump is blaming someone…Sessions for his previous bad decisions b/c he cant be held accountable for anything and refuses to take any responsibility for his own bad decisions. @ least the party knows what the end game is and has warned him not to fire sessions. BUt at this point i see sessions role as diminished in terms of defending trump from mueller. As the mueller investigation gets closer to the trump org and begins to uncover trumps business dealings, adn the flow of russina money into the NRA and GOP the pressures going to be on Rosenstein to be fired.

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Trump’s complaints about Sessions have at times won sympathy from some friends who believe Sessions’ recusal was too broad and ill-timed and undercut the positive attention from a State of the Union address the president had recently delivered.

AP delenda est.


Can This Marriage Be Saved?! - Ladies Home Journal, 1954

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This is it. Both Sessions and McCain are deeply admired by their senate colleagues and the more PP goes after them, particularly Sessions, the more it hardens their support for them and increases the chances they won’t support PP somewhere him down the road when he’s trying to cling to the wreckage of his office.

I have to say, I admire people like yourself and a few others here who can keep their wits about them while others are losing theirs, e.g. predicting firing everyone including Rosenstein and Mueller and then the inevitable collapse of the republic…


Thanks. We’re stronger than we think. Just need to vote.


A friend cast the results of the '16 election in a new light. About 40% of eligible voters did not vote.The resulting count was about evenly split between Clinton and trumpp with Clinton winning a little less than 3 million more votes than he did

This says that about 30% of the electorate was all it took to put him in office. Apathy elected him. Personally, I’ve never not voted since the day I became old enough to vote.

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