Discussion: President Obama Says He Understands Kaepernick's National Anthem Protest

More individuals, like Colin Kaepernick, who can attain the attention-- need to.
Those with celebrity need to follow their consciences-- as opposed to their wallets.
The iron-- is now hot.



Like Megan Rapinoe…now that’s a “bad bitch”

Yes, Barack Obama understands and from where he sits, he knows the reality behind the protest(s).
I don’t see where Kaepernick is aligned with BLM but basically, he’s aligned with BLM.
He’s making a real stand, has donated a million dollars to what he knows is wrong and believes in and risks his own future because of it. It’s a pretty brave move.

The cops don’t see the problem, other than being called out, imagine that.


Contrast what President Obama said about this subject with what the Republican candidate for president said about it.

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Actually, Kap’s protest medium has not led to discussions about “issues that need to be talked about.”

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Never gave much thought about Kaepernick before this. I did not realize he was up on, aware or involved in social issues.
He’s swimming upstream and I know how it feels to go against the tide; being called names because you go against the grain (particularly as it relates to being unAmerican and unPatriotic for not being 100% behind EVERYTHING our country does). He’s doing it, at great risk to his career, reputation and money.

He’s earned my respect.

On a similar note, I watched a clip about the Little Rock Nine (first group of African Americans integrating a school). OMG, the things those kids had to endure, everyday. Made me cry. I can’t even imagine. I know it’s not the exact same thing as what Kaepernick is going through. I am just reminded of the venom and hate in some people’s behavior and how despite the progress we’ve made, we still have some ways to go


Also underneath this is an unasked question. WTF is a sport that involves billions of dollars changing hands each year to have grown men trying to cause one another life-threatening brain damage and other injuries doing sanctimoniously wrapping itself in the american flag at every game?


It seems to have begun with war time baseball - then 9/11 turned it into the present orgy.

ESPN wrote an article about it in 2011.


I’ve been a fan of his for awhile. He’s just fun to watch. One of my favorite NFL QB’s.
This actually makes me like him even more.


of course obama understands. he’s a muslim socialist with terrorist ties, just like kaepernick.

not to mention, black.


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[/s] fify.


I really don’t understand people who think he’s disrespecting our armed forces by sitting during the national anthem.

The men and women in the military have fought and died precisely so Kaepernick can exercise his first amendment rights to protest as he sees fit. In a way, he’s actually honoring their heroic sacrifice.

Would they prefer he be forced to stand as in some dictatorships like North Korea?


Amendment I. Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion, or prohibiting the free exercise thereof; or abridging the freedom of speech, or of the press; or the right of the people peaceably to assemble, and to petition the government for a redress of grievances.

Obama understands the 1st Amendment.


I understand this press conference happened in China. It is nice the press has its priorities when overseas. A quarterback sitting for the national anthem (a week ago) is much more important than economic or foreign policy.


Maybe it’s the NFL’s way of saying thank you for the taxpayer-funded stadiums.

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I am not criticizing you or ESPN’s list, but I do not think it is exhaustive. After Rick Monday was traded to the Cubs, a fan jumped on the field one day and set a US Flag on fire, and Rick Monday became and still is a hero to a lot of folks for running and tearing the flag away from the protester. In 1996, NBA player Mahmoud Abdul Rauf refused to stand for the Anthem. While Carlos Delgado was playing for the Mets, he refused to stand up for the Anthem and took a lot of crap from the local sports talk radio and tabloids.

Sports figures and journalists can make political statements if they are not deemed critical of our country. Durng the Reagan Administration and the illegal war against Nicaragua, Tommy Lasorda, referring to his warrior like team, said he was going to take a bunch of them down to Nicaragua. During the same period, I remember Sports Illustrated’s cover story about Brant Alyea’s heretofore never-recognized or supported Nicaraguan son from the single season he played Winter Ball in Nicaragua. The son left Nicaragua, presumably seeking freedom and to reunite with his natural father and pursue a US baseball career. I dont think the story would have merited an SI cover except for the anti Sandinista angle.

Every honest person, black or white. knows blacks don’t get equal treatment in the US.

Amazing that the very same people who have no problem with (1) the GOP Presidential candidate saying our country is no longer great, or (2) memes depicting our President and First Lady as simian creatures, to name just a few examples, are so offended by this display of free speech. If this bothers you so much, you might want to try a country more to your liking, like Saudi Arabia.