Discussion: President Obama Finds New Veterans Affairs IG Report 'Deeply Troubling'

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I cannot defend General Shinseki, but if VA bureaucrats in Phoenix report bad information, how is that Shinseki’s fault?

Also, did I read the article correctly, the VA has a 14-day goal before a person can see a doctor?

Maybe for certain types of specialties, but 14 days to see a physician for numbness in legs or a persistent cough may be too late.

This is not about firing one person, this is about changing a culture that allows the sick to wait for 14 days.


Or the President’s. And dontcha just know they are going to try to pin the blame somehow on this President. Oh well, just another day on this big blue marble

So if we’re going to play the blame game, this happened in your state, Mr. McCain, and Mr. Flake…why didn’t YOU know about it? Shouldn’t you have known it, and shouldn’t YOU have brought it to the attention of the administration?


Dear Senators McCain and Flake,

Howse about YOU resign for your shameful failure to properly fund the VA? You sanctimonious hypocrites.

And if Shinseki falls on his sword over this, I dearly hope he goes out blazing and has choice words for the execrable piece of crap that is Congress and the current GOP.


I don’t know about you, but if I call my Dr’s office and request an appointment 14 days would be pretty damn amazing. Next if I called with a serious issue I would be told to head to the emergency room ASAP.


14 days is the maximum time the VA is supposed to allow between asking for and getting an appointment.

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BHO did make a big point about this in his campaigns, so you would think he would have had someone paying extra special attention to this. Everyone who knows anything about the VA these days knows that there is no such thing as getting an initial appointment in 14 days. I have tried to help a few vets who did not seem to realize they needed help with PTSD and post-concussion problems, and they could not get appointments for months (that was two and three years ago) and in the Northeast. I was surprised to hear of the 14 day rule. The buck stops with BHO on this one

Obama doesn’t run the day-to-day operation of the VA or its hospitals.

How could the buck stop with him when it was Republicans in Congress who refused to allow passage of bills that would do more for veterans?


Oblivious AZ Senators remain oblivious to problems in their own state. As a veteran you’d think McWar would be on top of this before it became a full blown issue. In February, all but two Republican Senators voted to reject a veterans benefits bill. My guess is Flake and McWar were among the rejectionists.


Because everything is Obama’s fault. See, when he’s not website coding for HealthCare.gov, he’s scheduling appointments down at the VA. In Arizona.


Silly me—I forgot.

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This is not a funding issue— it’s not like anyone ever said the VA is not complying because it does not have enough funds. It is a lying issue— people in the VA lied about appointment times. It is also a competence issue— no one found out the liars before the press did after it went on for months. If they had said they were not doing it and would not and could not do it without more money this would be a completely different story.

It is a funding issue. The VA is ill prepared and funded to deal with the hundreds of thousands of troops with severe injuries requiring care that a lot of VA hospitals are not equipped to deal with. Bush should have thought of this when he was saving the troops lives on the battlefield then sending them home to an underfunded, politicized institution. The costs of taking care of these young kids is going to hundreds of thousands of dollars each - and it is not just the cost - where are we going to get the doctors to treat these kids if we don’t pay the doctors enough money - which we do not. Most doctors don’t want to work at the VA for slave wages. The VA is way underfunded and thanks to the Republican run congress who talks a good game -they are to blame. You can bet if Obama could get the VA properly funded he would - in a heart beat


Well Sweet Pea, I won’t blame the pres for this FU but back in the early '90’s when living in CT, the VA Hospital in the Hartford area had a 50% occupancy rate and not one of those patients was a Viet Vet. State Rep.Pat Dillon, a high school friend, worked tirelessly fighting the old WWII farts and the local VA lackeys with limited success. Meanwhile homeless vets were in plain site in and around Hartford.

Even though the VA has made tremendous strides since then, the president can’t do much about this.

He made a big point of getting more Vets covered and accepted by the VA this was accomplished and this is part of the problem. Two never ending wars and literally 10s of thousands if not 100s of thousands of new patients.


It’s not a problem of culture, it’s a problem of resources. Washington refuses to give the VA the resources it needs, then acts shocked when they’re forced to cut corners or cook the books.


Reagan/Bush cut back on the VA.
Clinton made it a priority.
W cut back and put all kinds of limitations on access.
Obama fought for for more funding.
The Republicans filibustered VA funding increases.
Now it’s the President’s fault and Shinseki must resign.

Makes sense to me.


I thought you were never going to communicate with me again and asked me to not do the same. I tried to send you a private message but couldn’t.

We agree that the President can’t do much - especially with a republican house and it truly is a disgrace. The fact that they are treating so many soldiers with these cocktails of drugs that are making them crazy is an even worse disgrace - and it is why so many of them end up shooting heroin.

Pretty f’d up indeed.

Exactly 100s of thousands of new patients with injuries almost never before seen and the lack of good doctors to care for them. Young kids who could possibly live a very long time and will need treatment that will cost hundreds of thousands of dollars each if not more.

Thanks GWB and Co. you scum sucking slime balls/sorry excuses for a human beings