Discussion: President And First Lady Want Daughters To Work Minimum Wage Jobs

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I agree, along with working in retail at least once.


Working my way through high school and college certainly taught me the worth of a dollar plus gave me a strong work ethic that fueled a successful career. Despite all the crap said about the president and first lady, they appear to be very good parents.


Why did the song “Common People” just pop into my head?


what I love about the Obamas is that despite all the disparaging from the right, they just keep on keeping on.


I want to see all politicians kids plus the Romney boys do this.


An unmitigated disaster for the Secret Service that will never happen.

They may get minimum wage jobs somewhere(though I honestly doubt it), but it isn’t going to be in retail where they have to come face to face with thousands of strangers …potential assailants…every day.


Hmmm…very though thing to do getting the President daughters to do minimum wage jobs and actually have the same experience as a Mr.Nobody. I want to see which customer will get cranky with them for some mishap on that failed hamburger sandwich or their boss yelling at them for the same mishap with the Secret Service overlooking the scene. I picture them getting a distorted perception of what a real and unfiltered minimum wage job is really all about.


That’s the first comment I’ve ever seen you make that makes sense.



I grew up in a leafy suburb and learned a lot about the rest of society from working jobs like that. Mostly worked food service so I learned to cook too.

Well, the Romney’s idea of minimum wage is a few million in start up money


While you are at it, a military enlistment would be good for them too.

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Apparently the First Lady doesn’t appreciate how hard it is to [inherit money]. Start the Reich wing outrage countdown 5…4…


I’ll agree with Teen, Libsy, you’ve got a point. They’re elite and protected in a way that even normal rich kids aren’t. But I’m willing to bet there will be opportunities for them to be involved in something pretty close to a normal work environment.


I have really mixed feelings about this. On the one hand, I wish everyone of privilege would have an opportunity to experience life without it. On the other hand, since that is absolutely not the case (i.e. for the Romney kids, as Sooner mentions), part of me wishes an African American family of privilege would get to enjoy it the same way their white counterparts do. I’m haunted by a passage in Midnight in the Garden of Good and Evil where the Lady Chablis mocks the black debutante ball by pointing out that most of them will have to work at Burger King over the summer, while “real” white debutantes will be enjoying vacations in Europe. It honestly does gall me to plug the Obama girls into that equation and imagine them working at Burger King while their white peers are enjoying the unruffled high life. As DaveyJones64 argues, that is unlikely ever to happen, for security reasons if for no other. It’s pretty much a f___ed up system all around.


I appreciate the president’s idea, but I doubt that will ever happen to his kids.

Moreover. one doesn’t have to live through the experience to understand what it’s like.

Consider this, however. 8 years of their childhood has essentially be ripped away from them, something that they had no say so in at all. Indeed, rest of their lives they will always be under a security bubble that limits their ability to experience what “normal” people experience. Add to that they will be preached to constantly about getting into trouble…even the normal stupid mistakes that everyone makes growing up(every problem becomes fodder for the nation and world).

They are forced to social network with the very highest level of government globally because…that’s pretty much the only people they ever meet. Even if they don’t want to. So the concept that they will have a normal life is pretty much out the window as soon as Dad won the election. They trade off is, they do get a fast lane into a more “elite” life.

Plus, the Obama’s do have access to the Clintons and Chelsea. The Clintons would have had to reach all the way back to Jimmy Carter and Amy to get any advice.

I know it may be a bit dated now, but I wonder how popular Buffy The Vampire Slayer is in the Obama household. A girl chosen without any choice who just wants a normal life, but can’t have one, and yet still soldiers on.


Very good point. And I am pretty confident that the Obama’s do a bang up job of instilling some basic things like empathy and understanding for others into their girls.


Just got my son a dishwashing job at a friend’s restaurant. He is psyched.

That’s who minimum wage jobs are for. Teenagers who are psyched by $7 an hour


Hehe…I suspect the only time the President truly becomes unhinged…will be when they start dating.