Discussion: Powerful DNC Vid Uses Words Of Reagan, JFK To Warn Of Trump Presidency

Somebody please pinch me and wake me up.
Donnie Drumpf is obviously the Freddie Krueger of the 21st century.


What Harry Truman said about Nixon applies, as well, to Donnie

“Richard Nixon is a no good, lying bastard. He can lie out of both sides of his mouth at the same time, and if he ever caught himself telling the truth, he’d lie just to keep his hand in. ”


This was a great video. (still not tired of saying that)


Great vid.

Well done.
It won’t convince Trumpholes, but it may convince a number of Moderate and Moderately Conservative Voters.


“This piece originally appeared on BillMoyers.com.Having masochistically watched the GOP convention last week, here are just a few media takeaways.I
think the media may have missed the biggest story of the convention —
and they missed it because they were at the center of it. Take a step
back and consider: A reality TV star who is best known for telling
people, “You’re fired!” accepted the presidential nomination of a major
party. It is surreal, something that not even Evelyn Waugh or the Philip
Roth of “Our Gang” could have concocted, though as Roth once wrote, it is almost impossible these days for novelists to compete with reality.As
outrageous as Trump’s victory is, the media covering the GOP convention
have become so acclimated to it that they are acclimating us, too.Watching
the convention was watching the spectacle of the surreal being
normalized: the parade of 1980s retreads like Scott “Chachi” Baio and
underwear model-turned-actor Antonio Sabato Jr. given prime speaking
real estate; the chants of “Lock Her Up!” out of some dystopian sci-fi
film where the public runs amok; the spittle-spewing mania of Rudy
Giuliani, like some crazed villain from a Marvel picture; the WWE
confrontation between Ted Cruz and Trump as the latter entered the arena
to step on Cruz’s peroration; the disjunction of a convention with all
of 18 black delegates (yes, 18!) while a caravan of black speakers made
it seem like the NAACP convention; and, last but by no means least,
Trump himself, looking like a grumpy potentate.”


My takeaway? How irrelevant Main Street Repugs are to the modern GOP. The US already has three parties, one is just un named.

I give the video “two snaps in a circle!”

There is a quote out, whose exact words escape me, but goes something like one’s beliefs are attached to who pays them. I know I have bastardized the thing and I have seen it only recently. Someone will get it right for me, but the media, all levels of it, really will not print anything negative about Trump the way they will about Hillary. And it is because the Trump story sells.


It’s Always About the Money?

It’s the bottom line.

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President Nehemiah Scudder. Anyone who has read R. A. Heinlein’s darker works about the “Crazy Years” will easily recognize the Trump phenomenon.

And anyone who looks at the map of his post-partition America will immediately recognize the red-blue divide in the US today.

(Not meant to ascribe to Heinlein’s political p. o. v.)


‘It is difficult to get a man to understand something, when his salary depends on his not understanding it.’

-Upton Sinclair

Is that the quote you’re looking for? It’s one of my faves.


I love that they included Bill O’Reilly’s despondent sigh. That made my day!


He’s back, folks. Already reported…

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The slightest criticism gets reported? Wow!

Superb spot. Best part of it is that almost every one–if not, in fact–every single one of the current-day speakers are Republican! Thankfully, at least SOME Republicans put the NATION first–unlike Pence and the Republican Convention which applauded him when he declared himself: “A Christian, a conservative and a Republican-in that order”. “American” didn’t make the top three. So “Christianity” (selfish, bigoted, hate-filled Christianity NOT the Christianity of Pope Francis!), right wing politics and the Republican party come before the United States. Case closed. Vote Democratic!
Thanks so much for posting that spot!


That’s it!!! That is the one.

Right. Who controls the nuclear codes is “trite”. Hilarious if not frightening beyond words!

Another cartoon character. Sheesh.
I’d say Drumpf is more like ISIS, being in it for his money.