Discussion: Popular Nevada Guv Looms Over Fight For Harry Reid's Senate Seat

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I’ll be surprised if Sandoval jumps in. As a governor, at least in most states, you’re the top dog, with real power and the ability to get things done. As one of the most junior Senators, you’re a mostly powerless cog in a supremely dysfunctional wheel, which has to be very, very frustrating.


Something similar is going to happen in California. Current Lt. Gov. Newsom who is seriously ambitious will sit out 2016 Senate race when Boxer leaves and wait until 2018 when Governor Brown is termed out. An ambitious smart pol would be stifled in the current Senate


That’s true unless you’re not there to actually try to get things done. If you’re looking at a run at the WH, then it’s a good stepping stone.

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I’m not sure it’s a better stepping-stone than a successful governorship, however. You can pitch your executive experience more convincingly if you’re a sitting governor. It also lets you run against D.C., always popular with Republicans.


That’s at least a year to get the right candidate and its not like Reid didn’t know before this that he was considering quitting which always meant that a replacement was needed to be lined up.
Reid’s successor should be a well thought out deal already.

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True, governor is a much better stepping stone. Obama, Kennedy, and Harding are the only 3 since 1900 to make the jump from senator to president. By contrast, Bush, Clinton, Carter, Roosevelt (both), Wilson and Coolidge, were elected on their experience as governors.

*Reagan was elected years later but still ran on that experience.

Nixon/Truman/Johnson were also senators, but their VP status (and brief presidential status in the case of Truman and Johnson) was likely more relevant to them becoming president.


Word. And we better get one.

The Dark Side perches, always ready to swoop in.


Since mining and gambling seem to be the major influences, immigration too, then get a candidate with credentials in those areas. Offset Sandoval’s advantage of being Hispanic by running a Hispanic, that’s hurdle #1 and friggin’ really, really ironic also too.

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“My focus is in on Nevada, period. Politics can take care of itself”

Translation: I don’t want to get swamped and drowned in a damn Hillary wave election!


Jon Ralston was on last night proposing Catherine Cortez Masto as the Dems best hope who might have an immediate advantage over any R except Sandoval.

Sadly, he also stated if she doesn’t run, there is a significant drop-off in the Dem bench.


I think Masto is also who Reid is backing as well.


I agree.

From the interview with Ralston on MSNBC, I believe Reid has either endorsed or is leaning that way.


I think that this seat is a loss of a D seat. Nevada is a swing state, true. However, like most states with a lot of rural turf, Democrats cannot be competitive outside of an urban place. That means that Reno and Las Vegas will tell the tale. Only persons with a strong base in these locales can possibly win for the D party. I don’t see a D win at this time. Reid only won because of the deranged TeaLoser in 2010. In 2016, the TeaLosers may come up with a far more saleable package.

OTOH, the RW extremists here (in NV) still have a stranglehold over the primary process, so them running a Tea-loser is a decent bet…


Actually, it hasn’t been a stepping stone in the past. Obama is an exception. Most of the time the President is an ex-governor.

There are some real crazy ones eyeing Reid’s seat I am sure.

I bemoan the potential loss of a Democratic Senator, but not the departure of Harry Reid. IMHO he and Obama sold out to the insurance and pharmaceutical industries when they a) refused to bring a Public Option to the floor during the ACA vote and b) left untouched the fact that the government will not negotiate better prices with the pharmaceutical industry.