Discussion: Poll: Sen. Hagan Leads GOPer Tillis 39 Percent To 34 Percent

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gee who knows maybe the fact that the North Carolina elected officials have wiped out pretty much all and any environmental regulations and are wiping the asses of Duke energy leaders after the endless river pollution situation…maybe folks down there don’t feel the right wing is looking out for them…


She has correctly tied Tillis to the CFD that was the NC General Assembly. I hope she buries him.

What is CFD?

I think she, Landrieu, Pryor, and Begich are going to win. You can already hear the MSM narrative changing from “this is going to be like 2010” to “Republicans might blow another opportunity to take the Senate”. By Labor Day, I expect the MSM narrative to be “I’ve always said Democrats weren’t going to blow 2014 like they did 2010”.

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Even after taking into account the independent that’s still only 85%. There really that meany undecided?

Were Traditional North Carolina voters polled?


This is heartening news.

Let’s treat it like anything else in life that is worth doing and built on it.

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No, only the blah ones.


More Kock Bros. money please ! ! !

Cluster F*ck Deluxe.