Discussion: Poll: Clinton Only Holds 2-Point Lead Over Sanders In Iowa

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Clinton will win because of her organization. The old gray hairs know how to caucus.

With all the debate about the debates, it looks like DWS has scheduled the next one at just about the perfect time. I believe it will be this Sunday, January 17.

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I notice TPM for some reason felt like it shouldn’t mention the poll that has her up by 21 in Iowa.

Just imagine the polling numbers if she weren’t the inevitable nominee.


They’re definitely in the tank for Sanders. :wink:


Yes, most of the media is anti Hillary, as it creates more hits by creating more conflict.

I was being facetious, of course. My impression is that, until very recently, TPM and the NYT were mostly ignoring Sanders, probably because they assumed that HRC was the inevitable nominee.
Of course, even HRC’s ink has been just a drop in the bucket compared to Trump’s.

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And there are NFL playoff games that day from noon until after 10 Central Time. Of course, I’m not sure what time the debate is, as the Democrat.org debate page doesn’t list it.


If you think they were ignoring Sanders, then your letting your bias cloud your judgement. There has been a ton of coverage of Sanders in the media, he is on so freaking much. Just look at how many Sunday shows he has been on recently. Earlier they didn’t talk about him as much, but they also didn’t talk about Hillary much unless its to talk about bullshit like emails or Benghazi. In comparison trump gets more media, but we all know that and its because he keeps saying crazy things every couple minutes.

Edit: Just do a google search for TPM headlines about Sanders if you think TPM has been ignoring him.

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gravis marketing? the outfit that consistently has her polling numbers at least 15+ pts over every other polling outfit… that all have her leading sanders by 3-6 pts? perhaps there’s a reason gravis isn’t included…

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Just scroll down the poll numbers and there were plenty of other polls around Gravis’s polls that were around the same or even higher for Hillary. Though yes, this month they are more of a outliner, and i do not think Hillary is up by that much currently.

I have been under the impression that Hillary is working diligently on Delegates. Also that states subsequent to Iowa and New Hampshire are more favourable to her.

I guess Trump’s vile attacks work on Democrats too. Nothing else has gone on in the past few weeks that should be moving the needle in either candidate’s direction except Trump repeatedly calling her some kind of an enabler. Gross!

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In all fairness… Selzer & Co. of Des Moines is the gold standard in the state, whereas Gravis’s reputation is like a C student. So I don’t think it’s inappropriate to report this one and pretty much ignore Gravis. It sure seems to be tightening.


That’s my thought, too. Perhaps, so much as Hillary wants Trump to be the nominee Trump doesn’t want her to be his opponent (in his mind he is already the nominee!).


Fair point.

Doesn’t matter. Iowa and NH don’t determine the nomination.

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Bolstered by the idea that the GOP race is a farce and that no one will really vote for Trump or Cruz nationally, EmoProgs can celebrate for another chance to see Hillary lose in Iowa–that bastion of whiteness which is supposed to be representative of the country–and have the media whores triumphantly declare her candidacy dead.

Have seen this messianist movie before.

I don’t think you are going to like it when the media spotlight turns its full glare on Sanders. They aren’t going to be running stories about what a wonderful guy he is.