Discussion: Politico Co-Founder Jim VandeHei And Mike Allen To Leave Site After Election

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Mike Allen, the star behind …

Ooos! Just threw up a little, no big deal, keep reading.


They’re both leaving, but not together?

My sincere wish is that Mike Allen (Professional sycophant) gets out of journalism altogether. And try something more fulfilling than being the gossip guy of insider DC.

Also, that whatever venture VandeHei tries crashes and burns into a thousand fiery ashes, because lordy, Politico has done major damage to the political process.

Shorter: hope the gossip guys just fade away.


Once in awhile Politico has a good article. Not often enough though, and I hope the entire enterprise crashes and burns before, during and after their departure. They’ve had a particularly toxic effect on American politics for as long as they’ve been around. Rumor-mongering seems to be about the best thing they’re known for by most people nowadays. Hopefully when Allen and VandeHei leave they can take their confidential sources with them.


140 character journalism will never be the same.

i remember when it first rolled out and the unending promotion and excitement it generated; only to gradually disappear into nothingness…
it won’t be missed.