Discussion: Police Say More Than 1 Officer Shot In Baton Rouge

Live coverage, Baton Rouge Advocate:


Baton Rouge: ‘Three US police officers shot’

From what I understand, the mayor of Baton Rouge has done a very poor job in engaging with the community. Whatever his opinions are about the Sterling shooting (and it’s easy to surmise what they are based on his non-presence), I would think his job is to do his utmost to bring and keep the city together. It shouldn’t have to be President Obama’s job to do that.

And it goes without saying, no one should be shooting at law enforcement. More violence is never the solution.


Live coverage, Baton Rouge station


Three officers have now died, according to CBS news. :worried:

Edit: wait, now they’re saying two.

The mayor is saying 3 officers dead with others wounded on MSNBC…and not in the vicinity of where any protests are going on, at all. More like a deliberate ambush of officers.


No one should be resorting to violence. With that said, I’m not surprised…the Baton Rouge police have been using some really over the top tactics against nonviolent protests. With emotions running high over an apparently unjustified shooting, and ratcheted higher by their actions since, I am not at all surprised that someone used the NRA’s “Second Amendment solution” and took up arms against the police. It shouldn’t happen, and hopefully they are caught.


Angry, disaffected citizens and guns as easy to obtain as a Snickers bar. We have a kind of fulminating malignancy, an ulcerating cancer, eating away at the nation.


I believe LA is also an open-carry State.


'Course it is.


Well, he was just being interviewed and he sounds pretty biased against the community for sure.

Crazy cell phone footage of a firefight on the street:

Difficult in the age of instant news via social media, but it might be good to wait until we know more about what happened before we assume that it’s another Micah Johnson kind of incident.


I don’t think it should be a surprise that an assault rifle, a weapon of war, is used for assault. If “good guys with guns” focused entirely on bringing down these lone shooters, can’t do it without sustaining multiple loses, how does one expect teachers, and others engaged in another activity to bring down these lone shooters before massive bloodshed? More guns is not the answer. Can we try less guns now? We need to do what Australia did. I’m ready to repeal the 2nd amendment.


Open carry of firearms in Louisiana is permitted without a permit, as long as the user is of at least 17 years of age and legally able to possess a firearm under state and federal law. Louisiana has state preemption of firearms laws, except for local laws passed before July 15, 1985.



'Course it does.


But we CAN fairly assume that the shooter was well-armed… The initial call said somebody was walking along the highway with an assault rifle. So absolutely (insert expletive) insane.

Well, now we know what Day 1 of NaziCon will be dedicated to: blaming Obama.


i was about to say ‘going strong for 31 years.’ After all, ‘Ol Sparky’ still has to get fed, but that would have been wrong.