Discussion: Police Reports Starkly Different From Video Of Chicago Teen's Fatal Shooting

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When cops lie, they debauch the Constitution. Lies and abuse by cops threatens our Constitutional rights more than any other action taken by our authorities, because of the intimate leverage cops have over their subjects. Lying at this broad level, with everyone covering up for each other, is positive proof that the entire system is corrupt- even the “good cops” were silent- and this could be a game changer in the way the people most affected by police actions deal with this information. Expect some shit to fly.


The law should require release of video of cops shooting within a week. There shouldn’t be struggle to get video released each time a cop shoots someone.


jailtime for obstruction of justice, including the burger king video erasers.


Oh, and Rahm? The reason you got re-elected is that most people were not confronted with the fact that the police department you were responsible for was quite this bad. Resign.


All of these incidents point to the exact same simple solutions:

  1. Police can not review themselves internally. Their conclusions are nearly always tainted.
  2. Body cams mandatory for every officer for every minute they are on duty. Turn off your camera? You’re fired.
  3. Any officer that files a false report is not worthy to hold the post and is gone immediately. No benefits, no taxpayer funded retirement. You’re done.

The mayor: “I’m not resigning, make me. So there. Nah nah na nah nah.” Indict him for co-conspiracy and accessory to murder, take him to task legally, somebody? Maybe the IL Attorney General? Doesn’t anyone have a backbone in the legal system - anywhere? We know Obama doesn’t. Look who his AG was, another two - bit sold-out spineless coward like him. We have no effective Justice Dept.

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"Chicago officials should resign if Laquan McDonald shooting video was suppressed." -Bernie Sanders-

  • While some officers on the scene said in the reports that they did not see Van Dyke shoot McDonald, at least six corroborated **Jason Van Dyke’**s account.

  • Again and again in reports, Van Dyke’s account is supported by the other officers at the scene, each one describing the teen as a threat to the veteran cop. Four officers claimed that McDonald advanced toward Van Dyke, even though the video shows him walking away. Two others said he turned or raised an arm toward him.

  • One report states that three officers were "battered" by Laquan McDonald.

  • Another report lists Van Dyke as having been injured.

  • Since when does a city pay $5 million before a lawsuit is even brought?!

  • State Attorney, Anita Alvarez is the prosecutor that continued to drag her feet and it took more than a year for her to indict Van Dyke since McDonald’s murder. That is not the behavior of a prosecutor concerned with doing the main function of their job: Finding justice.

  • Mayor Rahm Emanuel. If we can surmise that ignorance is no excuse for those in positions of power, than Emanuel can not be given room to frame systemic failures as merely the actions of rogue individuals.

  • Van Dyke was released November 30 after posting 10% of his bail, or $150,000. He is currently a free man, in spite of being charged with First Degree Murder… (and that charge is a story for another day) due in part to the fundraising efforts of a local chapter of the Fraternal Order of Police through his wife on a GoFundMe page, and later through their own website

If Brandon Smith, an independent journalist,, didn’t sue Chicago to get the tape released, the initial statement that McDonald died of a single shot to the chest likely would’ve become the sole narrative of his demise.

That means, the officers who responded to the scene and the senior officers at the department were complicit in covering up the heinous and unjustified actions of a fellow police officer for over an entire year.

All those who did nothing and/or covered up Laquan McDonald’s murder must be held accountable. Period.


The audio is missing because it contained information more damning than the video. The Burger King video is missing because it contained the same information. That was easy.


It’s hard to see what could possibly be more damning, but you’re almost certainly right.


Of course the police would say crap like this. If they think nobody saw what happened then they will lie. Think how they see the rest of humanity. They see “Us against them”. Everyone is a potential adversary out to shoot them. They HAVE to think this way. It’s the nature of the job. It’s a job dealing with the dregs of humanity so everyone gets classified that way. I was once going to a banjo lesson and got pulled over for a minor traffic oopsie. The cop saw my banjo case and assumed it was a weapon of some sort. I had to exit my car, lay on the ground and watch him haul the case out. He unlatched it and sslllooowwwwly opened it while pointing his gun at it as if the banjo was gonna bite him. When he finally realized what was going on he sheepishly let me go my way with a stern warning about “weapons”. That incident could easily have been way more ugly.


Under what statutory authority, whether federal or Illinois’? Under what set of provable facts? Where do you see the elements of an offense?

You aren’t a lawyer, are you? Good thing.


The truth is that lawless law-enforcement has been going on forever. The only thing that’s changed is video technology is now providing indisputable truth from previously “unreliable” witnesses.

And as indyundecided wrote, police should never be allowed to review themselves internally. In that vein The Guardian has been running a series that painfully illustrates what happens when this is allowed.


Their report is starkly different because the police starkly lied their asses off. Ain’t nothing new about that. What’s new is more and more people being confronted with irrefutable evidence that was in much shorter supply in the past.


What I love about this is all the cops knew the squad car had a dashboard camera filming everything and THEY STILL LIED. I interpret that to mean they had reason to believe the dashcam video would never see the light of day.

The veracity of every one of those cops is now officially open to speculation. Anyone convicted on the basis of their testimony may want to consider getting his/her case reopened.


Think we’ll ever hear from the cover-up cops?


That’s one of the worst cases of police paranoia I’ve ever heard of. Packing around a concealed weapon, without a permit, is a-okay in that locale, and yet, a banjo case in plain sight is cause for a guns-drawn high alert? WTF?!


Scared my banjo right out of tune too. poor thing. I make light of it now but it was unsettling at the time. Remember… I live close to the Mexican border and look like … well …a hippy. A grey beard long hair. I suppose that screamed threat at that cop.


The other officers more than likely will be called as witnesses.

…as they were when it happened. They’ve been given a nice long time to come up with their "I -didn’t-intervene-because’ excuses. They should be charged with obstruction of justice.