Discussion: Police: Man Fires Rifle At Two LAPD Officers Inside Patrol Car

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I see the LAPD released the man they had in custody and are now refering to him as “a person of interest.”

There doesn’t appear to be enough information to know if this is crazy nut, an anti-government nut or a revenge-against-the-police nut.

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Seems like the only way to survive some armed conflicts with police, is to fire first. Self-inflicted wounds not withstanding.

The officers are “driving slowly in the neighborhood” when they see “the muzzle flash of a rifle pointed in their direction,” and yet neither they nor their cruiser is hit. Indeed, there is no report of the bullets landing anywhere near them.

Is it possible that this was simply an unrelated rifle discharge, rather than a man shooting at two Los Angeles officers in a patrol car? The cops have not said anything about hearing the shots impact in their vicinity – there is no statement in the manner of “We were taking fire.” In fact, the news reports begin with “Two men allegedly ambushed and fired several rounds at two LAPD officers Sunday night.”

I understand it is in the interest of the police right now to exaggerate every conceivable threat to their safety, as evidenced by the “massive manhunt conducted on the ground and by air” that lasted for nearly 10 hours after the arrest of an 18-year-old “person of interest,” but sometimes a cigar is just a cigar. There are currently no reports that suggest that “person of interest” has admitted to firing at the LA cops.

If this was indeed an ambush, I am greatly relieved that no one was hurt. Right now it seems there is room for alternative explanations.

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Are you kidding me?? Why the hell are you connecting this to the Garner protests? I expect this from Fox News but here, really??? There is literally, LITERALLY zero evidence you’ve provided to support that connection. What the hell do people have to do to get news from journalists who aren’t spamming propaganda for the police these days…?

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