Discussion: Police: Baton Rouge Shooter 'Intentionally Assassinated' Officers

“He came in here from somewhere else to do harm to our community”

Thus justifying Trump’s xenophobia.

Sad sad sad…you would ‘think’ that it would have the RNC Convention Speakers watching their mouths…nah…

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I don’t see the problem. He was just profiling and found a bunch of people who fit the description of those who were likely to intentionally target minorities for some unnecessary perforation. Profiling works, right Teatrolls?

Given what a bunch of whiny entitled infants they are as it is can you image what it would be like if white conservative males had to put up with the same shit black men deal with on a daily basis? Shit like this would be an hourly occurence.

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Although the “somewhere else” was Missouri.

That name originates from Native Americans. Real Americans come from places with real American names like Baton Rouge, Louisiana.