Discussion: Plane Clips Bridge Before Careening Into Taiwanese River, Leaves 25 Dead

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Pretty dramatic footage. Imagine being in the taxi that got hit on the bridge.

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That wing dips down 2 more feet and that taxi and occupants are “done”. Wonder if anyone was hurt in it from debris flying though. Hopefully the driver was not too bad since he/she was able to stop the taxi pretty quickly. Incredible footage, almost surreal.

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Looks just like the movies !!!

That’s some crazy shit! I’d pee my pants if I saw something like that crossing my path on the highway. No shit.

That’s exactly what happens when someone stalls a big plane. It’s pretty clear a few seconds before flipping vertical that the plane lost power and was attempting to stay airborne by pointing upwards. Then it just fell like a rock traveling at 120 MPH as it rotated due to lack of lift (severely reduced airspeed).

If I were to hazard a guess, looks like power failure.

I’m sure CNN will have several weeks of coverage& speculation while looking for the wreckage.

No shit? Not for me. If I were in that taxi, I’m pretty sure there would be shit.


Hope that driver was wearing his brown pants.


True life disasters.
Hard to watch footage.

Been in some harrowing incidents in cars-- and on motorcycles.
Once had a twister chase my car for a couple miles on I-20 west of ATL many years ago.
Can honestly say I’d never soiled myself in any of 'em.

But if I’d been in that taxi?
All bets are off.