Discussion: Pig That Menaced Children Seen Again In Maine

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I believe if you follow the trail, you will find the pig sipping daiquiris at Stephen King’s house.


Give me a fricking break. They must have nothing to do there in Maine. Leave the pig alone. Well I should have read to the bottom. Apparently they are trying to unite the pig with its owners.

Pigs can be very dangerous,
I hope it is found and returned to its pen ASAP before a tragedy occurs.

Also, feral pigs are a serious environmental problem.

I could have sworn Sarah weighed more than that. Maybe the lipstick made her look heavier.


Babe’s revenge!

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Mu shu, anyone?

Mmmmmm…mu shu…

Lions and Tigers and Pigs, oh my!

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Pigs have been known to eat dogs, scary stuff. Especially around small children

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Gee I had no idea. I have only known very sweet pigs

Really. I had no idea. I have never heard of such a thing. People keep them as pets.

can it be confirmed with certainty that there was no identity mix-up?

  • were there any reports of Paul LePage being in the area?
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