Discussion: PHOTOS: South Carolina Wreckage Shows Massive Cleanup Ahead

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Round up the usual suspects: school prayer bans; and gay marriage.


Wonder if these proud, bootstrap-pulling, sweat-o-tha-brow, fiercely independent, gawd-and-the-teaparty REEL CIT’ZINS will be asking for any of that EVIL SOCIALIST GUMMINT CHEESE to help them rebuild.

Stay tuned.


Here is your answer!!!


You’re gonna see Nikki kissing the president’s ring in gratitude. Then disavowing all knowledge of Federal aid and trashing him when called upon to do so esp. when the bushies descend on the state.


Good link. Seems like the only Americans worth considering and helping are those who live in any given senator’s state. The rest? Meh.


They already have. It is part of their Southern Haritage, they keep their taxes low, allow their infrastructure to deteriorate, call the Federal Government tyrannical and then run to it with hat in hand whenever anything goes bad.

I am from one of the states that pays into the Federal Government more than we get back. Generally I don’t begrudge those suffering from disasters the assistance they need, but it sure would be nice if they learned something and started taxing themselves at rate close to a level that would meet their needs.


As a North Carolinian, whose state received federal help in the past, I hope that anti-state’s right blasphemy has been ended!

Nail, Head, Square hit.

Hey, it’s God’s revenge on Republican SC and Nikki Haley!

What, you say?

Heck, this kind of blame works for Huckabee and other false prophets on the Right, why not slap’em back with the same?

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It’s only fitting that the #1 Welfare State gets yet more federal dollars. They don’t call it a money pit for nothing.

See what happens when the 10 Suggestions are removed from Gummint building in OKlahoma???

Here’s a good and short video on statistical flooding, but note that at the 2’ 47" mark the scientist talks about non-stationarity. The estimated probability of flood re-occurrence, assumes that precipitation [and runoff] means [averages] have been stationary over the measurement period. An assumption that is sometimes unwarranted. So estimates of flood re-occurrence must be revised with time as precipitation averages change over time, including anthropogenic climate change.


And temporarily suspending her tough immigration policies.

Hey, maybe a thousand-year storm should get a thousand-year aid package.

Oh! Oh! I know! It’s because they took down the Confederate flag! Right?

Okay first off - please don’t post comments the way cons do - as a South Carolina liberal and TPM reader for at least 14 years, these are generalizations. But to comment on the photos, the top one showing the release of water from the Lake Murray dam - those are the floodgates used only for a secondary spillway, originally for the construction of the dam back around 1940ish. They haven’t been opened since 1969. Last night, they had 3 of 6 gates open. I live about 2 miles below the dam, and waters are up in the river about 300 feet past the bank on our side of the river, at least that far on the other.

Stay safe…my fellow progressive tree-hugging socialist leaning commie pinko liberals and I are just blowing off a little steam. When the time comes, they’ll act and vote, like Democrats, don’t worry