Discussion: PHOTO: Krugman Terrorism Column Accidentally Features Feline Friend

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We need more silliness in the world. Paul Krugman yet again shows his brilliance by understanding that.


When my magazine interviewed Krugman in 1994, he handled his own photos—he was still at Stanford and we were in New York—and, among others, he sent us this one, which we couldn’t resist publishing.


Dogs of War - “this is GREAT! we get to wear hats?”
Cats of War - "i got up at 2am to watch this show?


Next to dogs, I like cats best but don’t overlook the importance of what Krugman is saying (as he always does) about terrorism and our muddled policies.

Bush became America’s champion against terror because, um, the nation suffered from a big terrorist attack on his watch. It never made much sense.

What Bush did do was talk tough, boasting that he would get Osama bin Laden dead or alive. But, you know, he didn’t. And guess who did?


Because I’d like a sweet little critter around the house since my lovely golden retriever died, I’ve sometimes thought I’d get a cat which I see as low maintenance, no walking, no groomer’s visits, etc. But I don’t understand cats and their very special needs, er, demands


It is very very simple: You will obey them in all things and cater to all needs or they will poop behind your dresser where you can’t find it.

And I dunno about low maintenance. Sure, you don’t have to walk them and all that other jazz, but the litter box is its own version of a war zone, especially if one of them decides she likes to take dried turds out of it and bat them around the house. Then there’s the furniture issue because yes, you do have to leave the house at some point, and yes, they know this and will bide their time, and yes, fuck your couch.

Also too: random puke events. The first time you get home from work to find a cigar-shaped hair tangle in a drying puddle on your nice down comforter, you will know what it is to own a kitteh.

Hope you like tape rollers :slight_smile:


Oh, no he didn’t…


Don’t worry about not understanding cats. They’ll teach you what you need to know and do. Anything else is your problem as an inferior species in need of valuable lessons on humility.


As the meme goes, “Cats were revered as Gods in ancient Egypt. They have not forgotten this.”

And now, thanks to Chauncey Carson, we know why — they were keeping the mice out of the grain stored in the pyramids.


I have the tape rollers because of Zoe the Dog, and I also had random puke events and as a puppy a pee event on the comforter. The reality of the litter box is at least as bad as the tons of poop pickups in parks in plastic bags (unintended alliteration), but generally speaking a critter is nice to come home to because it’s not one more person getting in your face. Jury’s still out chez blue.


We should have at least one cat in the situation room at all times. It would bring more insight and good sense.


…and hairballs.

As the helicopters zoom low over the city in a raid, the First Cat adds his input. Hrr…ack…ack…acccckkk.

Brigadier Gen. Marshall B. Brad Webb turns stone faced to Joe Biden and reminds everyone in the room, “Mr. Vice President, it’s your turn to clean that up.”


Krugman just proved that he’s an unSerious Person who doesn’t deserve the Nobble Peace Price in Medicine.

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Because the humorous addition didn’t jive with the serious tone of the column,

The word is “jibe,” dammit, not “jive.” http://grammarist.com/usage/gibe-jibe-jive/


Burmese cats are very smart, affectionate, and often silly, not aloof. We have had Burmese for 20 years, have three now. Cat boxes are good because cats set their own schedules & you don’t have to suit up and walk them.

So I knew there was a reason I liked you. I owned cats most of my life until I recently retired to a heavily infested area with Coyotes so no cats. However, if you want some tips, by Corn cat litter (PetSmart sells Exquisitcat) fabulous stuff. I always covered the areas my cats slept with either towels or sheets which made it easier to clean. Fortunately I never had a cat who took its’ feces out of the box and played with them. I have also never had a cat poop outside the box (always make sure litter box is free of all matters as cats only like clean places to go) My last cat lived tp be 22 years old. Died of old age.

So now, instead of cats, I have an Aussie Shepherd who is the absolute sweetest and smartest dog in the world but he is very needy and would eat 24/7 if you let him. Much more work with a dog but it is a loving experience.


Well said. I loved all my cats - everyone was different. People love to categorize cats as aloof and independent and while they can be both, they are so interesting to watch - never boring and wonderful companions.

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Haha, this is true, the reverse-sammich-bag maneuver is not necessary with kitties and you rarely if ever have to feel the warmth of a doot in your fist. Also, cats don’t tend to clear rooms or peel paint with their farts.

I have to agree they are nice to come home to because they’re always happy you arrived and there’s always that first 10 minutes or so when they’re totally spazzing out that you finally got home haha. People don’t do that for you.

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