Discussion: Philadelphia Shooting Leaves 2 Dead, 5 Wounded, Including 2 Police Officers

If enough guns are involved, eventually someone with a gun will kill all the others with guns. So that proves that guns are the answer right?

I mean, besides not having any idea of who will be the last gunnie standing and how many innocents will be shot dead and wounded as the experiment is conducted, this is a flawless plan.

And these cops are voting Trump for more of the same?


Well, it’s good this guy could easily obtain one of the 300,000,000+ guns floating around the good, ole US of A! FREEDUMB!!!

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Living in a society that glorifies violence what can we expect? Although there has been a slight up tick here in Philly, we are nowhere where we used to be. What can we expect when mental cases have access to ‘weapons of mass destruction’? It doesn’t matter whether you’re from a white suburb, a rural community, or an urban city. Unstable people getting their hands on guns and ammo will continue to do the damage.

I was up late and wondered why all the sirens were rolling through the neighborhood. This was it. It happened in the neighboring police district, but they tend to lend a hand especially when officer shot comes across the air waves.