Discussion: 'Pharma Bro' Martin Shkreli Moved To Federal Prison In New Jersey

“Federal Prison” & “New Jersey”

Talk about a double whammy…

There is zero, repeat zero, chance that if you put a psychopath whose entire worldview is based upon his vast intellectual superiority to others in a minimum security prison, he isn’t going to think he’s so smart and slick that he can slip away for a night and not get caught.

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I certainly hope he tries and loses his Club Fed membership to a maximum security reassignment. Dude missed his big chance to be a Cabinet Secretary.


“Shkreli was initially free on bail but was jailed in September after he offered $5,000 for a strand of Hillary Clinton’s hair.”

If I were to read anything crazier than that sentence, my head would explode.

Edited to add
Guess my head has less explosive potential than I thought.

At international meeting on women, Team Trump pushes abstinence message

from Rachel Maddow’s blog


Still time for him to get that FDA gig. All it takes is a pardon. And Trump has heard he was treated very, very unfairly. Many people are saying this.


This is very disappointing. Shkreli doesn’t deserve a Club Fed membership.


National Lampoon’s Prison Farm:

How about a fence? Is there a fence?

If it makes you feel any better, “Club Fed” is a Republican myth. Your chances of being raped, murdered or beaten to death are lower, so there’s less fear, but I have never heard of anyone who went through one calling it a vacation. By all accounts, loss of your freedom is a more terrible thing than most people understand, even without the razor wire or guard towers.

Which isn’t to say I don’t expect Shkreli to get himself into worse circumstances before he’s done with his time.


Here’s hoping he steadily exhibits his trademark arrogance and he breaks enough rules to get sent back to MDC Brooklyn.

It’s the certainty that he comes out swaggering about his street cred that really makes me anticipatorily ill.

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7 Years. Luckeeeee! People get that long for two joints.