Discussion: Perry On Climate Debate: 'This Is America, Let’s Have A Conversation'

Nope, the “smart” glasses still aren’t working, Rick…

You’re still a clueless doofus…


If your mind is already made up, with a little help from the people in the fossil fuel industry who bought and sold you, it’s kind of hard to have a meaningful conversation…


Perry said if top scientists are saying the data isn’t settled on climate change, then maybe it’s time to sit down and talk it over.

At this point, if they’re saying the data isn’t settled, they aren’t top scientists.


see, that’s been the problem. there hasn’t been a conversation. those who believe that man’s activities are gravely exacerbating climate change just haven’t spoken up yet.

i’m sure once 98% of climate scientists finally say their piece, rick will be on board.

haha j/k


The time for conversation is long gone.

You missed your chance when instead of “conversation” you were engaging in “But Al Gore is FAT”.


From a man who prays for rain in a stadium filled with thousands. Who is a “young earther” thinks the planet is 6000 years old.
Sure it’s worthy of debate. :thinking:


And while we are at it, let’s discuss whether the sun revolves around the earth, whether the earth is flat, and whether 15 is larger than 10. Let’s discuss all that stuff we learned in high school. After all, it’s America.


He was all over the place.

Man has a role in climate change, but how much? In the mean time let’s have more discussions, no need to make any changes now.

Regulations are terrible and holding business back, we have to cut regulations. BUT, look at the reduced auto emissions we achieved in Texas through regulations.

“Let’s make nuclear cool again.” Yet wouldn’t answer any questions about nuclear waste or Yucca mountain.

France- A different place, but they like nuclear. Plus they recognized Texas as a country in the 1830s, come visit their consul offices in Austin!


Perry said if top scientists are saying the data isn’t settled on climate change, then maybe it’s time to sit down and talk it over.

So true. Acclaimed meteorologist and atmospheric specialist Rush Limbaugh has some input on all this.

Just the kind of guy with whom to have a climate change conversation! [not]


The debate over two plus two equaling four has been settled in the affirmative.


Strange as it may sound, this man promoted wind energy as Gov of Texas – motivated by profit, not by science, of course, like most Republicans. If that’s the best we can hope and expect from the other side, I guess I’d be okay – motivations aside, it would help us move in the renewable energy direction (and as a result helps save the planet) anyway.


…if they’re saying the data isn’t settled, they aren’t top scientists

Let’s debate that…

Thank you. This is the way stupid people try to convince intelligent people that maybe they have a point there. The same way that creationists think that by “discussing” Darwin’s theories they can convince people that, gee, they’ve got a point there.

The FACT is that climate change is upon us. Having a “discussion” about it won’t change the fact that it’s happening. What we can discuss is how to deal with it with whatever time we have left before the effects are completely irreversible.


Obviously, Rick Perry’s logic has a so-called Intelligent Design.

Can we have a conversation about the fact that you’re an idiot? That’d be a conversation worth having.

He is an idiot.


End of the conversation… :expressionless:



That climate change is happening, and that humans are largely the driving factor, is not a question anymore. What a lot of people don’t understand is that there are questions about the science and data, but they are at the level of detail far beyond what Perry and the Republicans want to argue. In the same vein, there is a lot of discussion about the details of gravity, but the question of what happens when you drop something is not in question at all. Getting this simple point through the Republican propaganda is difficult, they really want to destroy science with their lies for their economic benefit.

There is a completely open question of what to do about climate change and the consequences of those actions, and that is a separate discussion. We need to get past the idea that the science isn’t well understood and move into discussing what to do about it…let the Republicans defend nothing as an option if they can. Though, they know they can’t, so attacking the science is their best political option.