Discussion: Pennsylvania's Dem Senate Challenger McGinty Has 1-Point Lead Over Toomey

Sestak would have been 20 points ahead if the unions and the party had not demanded a complete toady to be the nominee. I don’t know any Dems who are enthusiastic about her, leading me to believe it was union block voting that got her the nomination. We are voting for her only because she is a vote for Chuck Schumer as majority leader.

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Hmm, to me she was the very least impressive speaker at the DNC. I just assumed she’d be toast.

Well within the margin of error but Toomey needs to worry. He is probably one of the Senators Donald is going to Drumpf

Is she a Martha Coakney clone. That means she isn’t going to work any harder on her campaign than she did on her DNC speech. If so she has about as much chance of winning as Robin Carnahan.

She needs to get up every day and work like there is no tomorrow.

The D’s reach for the Senate depends more on the quality of their candidates than on the mere presence of Trump…

Where do you think the Kochs will be spending their money?

Been a long-time since Civics Class.

If we can get 50 Senate seats, what kind of tie-breaker votes will VP Kaine be able to vote on? SCOTUS?