Discussion: Pelosi Stands Her Ground, Says She Won't Leave Her Leadership Role

The Democrats are totally blowing it by sticking with the old guard and the Obama-Clinton Demopublicans. They are little different from Republicans on economic policy and climate change and THE PEOPLE want a different direction fro the Nation…we don’t want the Trump Russia-Republicans and we don’t want the Demopublicans.

We want Democratic-socialism - PERIOD!

Pelosi and Schumer have to go or the Democrats won’t win over the Russia-Republicans.

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You really need to get a grip. If Nancy is the demon of the Republicans, there is a good reason for that. She scares the crap out of them because she is so competent. Your comment here totally buys into the Republican talking points. If you think putting all newbies in high places is the answer you make the mistake of throwing out people who have great experience and know how things work and how to work it.

If you think Nancy Pelosi supports Republican economic and climate change policy you are greatly mistaken. Her constituents re-elect her time and again and they are “San Francisco Liberals” who do not share Republican economic or climate change policies so explain yourself on that.

Sorry, you are just wrong and I suggest you do more research and quit falling for Republican talking points. Or perhaps that is what you’re here for. You’re writing style reads a bit on the hysterical side so I find your comments suspect as to being genuine or informed.



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Nancy “Pay-Go” Pelosi’s time has come and gone. Her record is getting Democrats elected to to the House is dismal. She has no appeal to young voters whatsoever.

A recent poll showed that strong majorities of Democrats and Republicans support medicare-for-all, but Nancy “Pay-Go” Pelosi doesn’t. She says it should “be evaluated.”

She has been in the House for decades, but has never “evaluated” medicare-for-all? But she’s all in on “pay-go.”

She is only in it for her own power and ego now. She is just another multi-millionaire incumbent looking after her own money and power.

There is only one reason she should go - to totally screw up GOP midterm strategies. Wait until the blanket they airwaves with ads, and then step down. They’d have nothing to run on.

But in reality the Democratic party leadership should not take advice from the GOP.


If you use silly names like “Nancy Pay-Go” you are not a Democrat. But we’ve long known that geogeh, haven’t we?


Really? What is more important to voters (and particularly Democrats), universal healthcare or “Pay-Go”?

Pelosi can commit to “Pay-Go” but not universal healthcare.

"House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi (Calif.) and other top Democrats are vowing to abide by fiscally hawkish pay-as-you-go rules if they seize the majority next year, rejecting calls from liberals who feel they’d be an impediment to big legislative gains.

Pelosi, who adopted “pay-go” rules when she held the Speaker’s gavel more than a decade ago, says she’ll push to do it again if the Democrats win the House in November’s midterm elections.

“Democrats are committed to pay-as-you-go,” Pelosi spokesman Drew Hammill said Tuesday, affirming the policy would be a 2019 priority."

You need to broaden your social circles. The people have almost always preferred the Democrats as shown by their votes.

And the chances of winning over the Russian Republicans who are far right wing Christianists are what in your opinion?

‘We’ is you and your buddy and some Russian troll sites telling you how terrible Democrats are and who else?

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I’m fine with Nancy staying in UNLESS we get another “Impeachment is off the table” statement

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Why the hell should she give up the leadership? She’s good at it and very effective.

Democrats are in no way obligated to let the Republicans call the tune. They have their own fucked up square dance to straighten out.


Sad but true.

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And how big is the debt the GOP is racking up this time?

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No, she is neither good nor effective at it. Her only political strategy for winning elections is “Republican Backlash.” She has never won the House on anything else, and the last time she did that was 10 years ago, during GWB. Why do you think impeachment was (and still is) “off the table”?

Nancy “Pay-Go” Pelosi’s national approval rating is a dismal 29%, even lower than Trump’s.

It would be nice if the national Democrats would learn that running elections with nationally un-popular leaders is a losing strategy.

Nancy “Pay-Go” Pelosi is very good at raising money from her fellow multi-millionaire buddies, but then she is looking after their interests, not ours.

Nobody cares about the debt. Wars are free; tax cuts are free; healthcare is too expensive.

Democrats don’t win when they try to run as Republicans.

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It’s worse than not winning.

In 1993 the Clinton Administration damn near broke its back trying to mop up twelve years of Republican red ink. The Clinton budget plan was the first responsible one in a long time. Not one Republican voted for it — not a single one — not in the House and not in the Senate.

A year later the Republicans took the House for the first time in fifty years.

Two notes:

  1. Twenty years later am I still shaking and insane with anger about what happened? You bet I am.

  2. Every Republican voted against it, as did some Democrats, but you know who did vote for it? Independent Bernie Sanders, and without him the vote in the House would have been tied.


cutting to the chase

who do you think should replace her?

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they would attack her replacement.

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who should replace Pelosi?

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Of course, but would be meaningless since the hate wasn’t baked into the Fox cake yet.

This amounts to concern trolling at this point. You have stated this previously in this thread. Repeating it does not add to its validity.

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