Discussion: Pelosi Laments 'Exploitation' Of Benghazi By Republicans (VIDEO)

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Of course, many of the people who are trying to make political hay out of this tragedy are the same ones who said that if you criticized any portion of W’s foreign policy, you were giving “aid and comfort to the terrorists.” The Democrats should point this out, over and over again.


why is it so hard for dems to hit back and hit hard. just keep repeating all the embassy attack were many americans were killed when shrub was pres. say it loud and clear…


Why? Because there is nothing legitimate for them to whine about.


and include a reminder that the current Republican House denied requests for additional funding for embassy security


they use it to motivate their base now that yelling about Obamacare isn’t
likely to be as effective as it would have been earlier this year.

this all about the midterms


You can say Benghazi is a fake scandal, or you can say it’s scandalous that Republicans didn’t fund embassy security, but you can’t do both.


This story is so troll bait–where are Pelosi-hating destructo-cons?


Ben-Gay-Zee analgesic heat rub is what the GOTP uses to stiffen the resolve of their flaccid members.


Fair enough - but pointing out their hypocrisy (i.e., They didn’t feel embassy security was an issue so how can they now fault the administration for “allowing” a breach of security?) diminishes the credibility of their current “blame game.”


As others have pointed out here, we just don’t mention the 11 or 12 embassy attacks and resultant deaths that occurred on Shrub’s watch.
Low info voters just don’t know these things.


When BP killed 11 people in the Gulf Republicans apologized to BP for having to answer questions in a congressional hearing.


Don’t blame Democrats for not beating back on this Benghazi thing. Blame the media, blame Fox News for being addicted to their own manufactured scandal, and the other media for falling prey to the Fox News “drug dealer” who are buying what they are selling. Fox news knows exactly what they are doing. They are pushing this story because they know that others will pick up on it and they have. I don’t know if Nancy Pelosi is truly lamenting, but she does seem rather annoyed that all of the “adults have left the room” every time this subject is brought up!! And I don’t blame her. We know what this nonsense is all about. It has more to do with 2016 politics than anything of real substance that hasn’t been hashed and rehashed about Benghazi already.


Remember, for conservative commentators and House Republicans, it all about JOBS, JOBS, JOBS for the American people … and killing the ACA … and banning abortion … and minimizing gay rights … and shunning mosques on American soil … and bringing the Bible into the public school classroom … and now Benghazi.

And of course, these same righteous, objective, apolitical legislators and journalists will also be investigating the circumstances behind the far-more deadly American embassy attacks that occurred during the Reagan and Bush administrations.
What? No?

I rarely read or comment on stories featuring Nancy Pelosi. Particularly on websites more rightwing (or even more centrist) than this one.

The uncomplimentary references to Pelosi’s age and gender are sickening.

One other thing which was sickening was the degree to which Obama and Harry Reid refused to call Turtle and his Obstructionists in the US Senate to task during 2009 and 2010, when Nancy Pelosi was churning out good things in the House, only to die in the Senate when–incredulously–the Democrats, after having seen that Turtle’s Obstruction was unprecedented, refused to have these Senate anarchists line up on C-Span and talk for 24-48 hours.

That was the main failure of Barack’s Presidency. The window closed, the Orange Drunk (“I won’t bring up anything on the House floor that Republicans don’t want”) is the de-facto President and, from 2011-2017, multitudes of opportunities were and will be lost.

Barack cannot come out and say this (not allowed in Politics).

But he knows it.


“Diversion, subterfuge, Benghazi, Benghazi, Benghazi,” Pelosi said at a press conference. “Why aren’t we talking about something else?”

Because…just because.

They don’t need proof of anything that was done wrong. They don’t need an actual scandal to create one. This is a classic lie repeated “ad nauseam” to the republican tin hat base until it over shadws anything else…because …just because.

Give it some time. The wing nuts are still in church getting their marching orders.


So because the Republicans exploit the tragic deaths of four Americans for political gain we should be equally reprehensible?

She doesn’t understand? Really?? How long as she been in politics?

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Oh yeah, I forget that truism…good point. After their pastors rail against socialism and healing the poor, they come here and regurgitate it all for our “benefit”.