Discussion: Pelosi: Clinton Knows 2016 'Isn't About One Woman's Achievement'

To think, there are women alive today who didn’t even have the right to vote in this country at one time. And now they’ll (hopefully) get to see a woman elected President.

In 2008, Obama broke the glass ceiling and now, in all likelihood, Hillary. Very proud of Democratic values.


The number of women turning out to vote for a woman has been entirely misunderstood. It’s a driving force IMO, but unfortunately too many women are still talking about Clinton’s crimes while never actually saying what those crimes might be or still saying she’s shifty and untrustworthy and never elaborating. Wing nuts can be proud of themselves

I hope Emmeline Pankhurst is smiling down from her heavenly perch as well as Anthony, Stanton, Friedan, Chisholm and all the mothers of the movement.