Discussion: Paul Ryan Still Not Interested In Running For GOP Leadership

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Honestly, even Ryan is sane enough to realize what a flea-bitten dog today’s GOP has become. Accepting a leadership role of this group would be an act of insanity in this age.


Right now, Eddie’s too busy thinking about running for the Canadian border than the House Majoriy Leader job.

Someone like Ryan wouldn’t want any of the responsibility that would come with being the leader of a party. He hasn’t the cojones for the job. In fact, I am hard-pressed to think of anyone who would.

Young gun doesn’t want to off himself.

“I’m not interested in leadership”

That pretty much sums up today’s GOP.



No, I’m not running for Majority Leader, I’m running to the Majority Leader to stroke his hair while he’s curled up in a fetal position sobbing relentlessly…sigh…and…sniff-sniff…he’s needs changing…

And Boner needs help getting the cork out of his lunch…


Well, there is no upside to the position. You know you aren’t going to be able to control the caucus, and you know they are going to embarrass you at some point by going against your public statements. No politician with half a functioning brain should want that position.

Add to it that if he is running for president, the position stays essentially unfilled for two years.

I think you’re right. This is a GOP House that couldn’t even pass its own budget. What could he do that Boner/Cantor couldn’t do with these psychopaths?

Cantor spent a significant portion of time egging them on.

Ryan still wants to be President and he’s smart enough to know that i’s virtually impossible to go from the Speakership to the White House.

(Only one speaker ever did it: James Polk and even he had to resign the Speakership and go become governor of his state first).

So Ryan isn’t interested in a leadership position and he clearly has shown little interest in representing the needs of his own district, which begs the question: what exactly is Ryan interested in?

Self-interest? The Koch Brothers? Sunday morning talk shows?

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oh give it a little time. a few meetings with people connected to koch and the promises made, then ryan will say his family made him go for it. But then again that may well of already happened with him wanting to chair the ways and means. Find a way and the means and the money will come flowing into there pockets and out of ours.

Who would WANT to be associated with the leadership of the House right now?

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[quote] I’m not interested in leadership … That’s just not been my interest."

The former vice presidential nominee is also rumored to be a presidential contender in 2016. [/quote]

Why bother learning a new skill when his Lyin’ Ryan
fail at getting in to the White House is so fresh, so perfect and he was so good at failing to get into the White House? Why stop failing now??

Once someone gets to the WH, all those “newscasters” (well, at least “some”) are gonna start checking your “facts” and calling you on your bullshit - even if you’re GOTPer.

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Bet there are a lot of incumbent Republican Representatives who are running away from the GOP and Congress just as much as they possibly can, voter opinion of Congress being what it is.

Nancy Pelosi. She’s the only one that could actually get something done in this current Republicant “Phuq America & Obama!” environment. She’s got more cajones than Bohner and Cantor combined. And she knows how to bring bills to a vote and get them through.

But, but, but Paul Ryan is the numbers guy, the poplicy wonk. Ok that’s just according to him. Look, he has a Presidential campaign to start lying about.