Discussion: Paul Ryan, Hensarling Endorse Budget Chair Tom Price For Majority Leader

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Now this is key. If Price becomes Majority leader, and Scalise stays Whip, McCarthy is in a even worse predicament than Boehner. He is quite literally a figurehead placeholder that will be gone in January.


““After prayerful consideration, Chairman Hensarling is not a candidate for a leadership position. He will support Chairman Price for Majority Leader,” Hensarling spokeswoman Sarah Rozier told Politico.”

a) I can tell you from personal experience that Price is a certified nutjob, but he’s polite, wears glasses, and speaks in a relatively soft tone with a disarming and subtle southern accent…think if George Will were from the South, but this dude is still a nutbag

b) “prayerful consideration?” - how does that work? God sends you a text after praying? a voicemail? e-mail? “talking to God” for solutions should disqualify you for office, but so many of you believe in the magical fairy in the sky that “talking to God” is publicly bragged about…SMH


“After prayerful consideration”

I vomit a little in my mouth every time I hear that fucking idiocy from these twats.


But that’s what passes for English language nowadays.


I admit to not knowing anything about Price but, on a gut level, if he’s being endorsed by Ryan and Hensarling, he’s got to be pretty damn far out there.

On the there hand, “pretty far out there” will be the barometer for all of them, I guess. I haven’t heard any endorsements so far for McCarthy.


“After prayerful consideration, Chairman Hensarling is not a candidate for a leadership position. He will support Chairman Price for Majority Leader,” Hensarling spokeswoman Sarah Rozier told Politico.

Jesus likes the way Price parts his hair. That cinched it for Hensarling.

the only thing i’ve read/heard about mccarthy, is he has no legislative record of note and nonexistent leadership abilities. although he was apparently hitting the books over the weekend… just the fact that he has willingly put himself in a position to be considered for that spot, shows how fucking clueless he is.
who in the hell would want it…


Mr. Obama’s hand may be aided by the Money folks, who stand to be disconcerted by the RWNJ’s.

If Money people had no importance, then…

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Chris Cillizza says Kevin McCarthy most likely the new Speaker. And he’s sometimes right!


If Ryan likes the dude, then he’ll be a disaster for the country.


But it’s a handy sign that you can dismiss a person’s opinions entirely from any serious consideration yourself.


You ask God a question and then you announce to the public that God told you what you wanted to hear.


I do not know much about Price which makes him a big improvement over Scalise who I know, by his own admission, is a Klansman.

Scalise by his own words says he is "David Dukes without the baggage. David Dukes without the baggage is by definition a Klansman with the hood still on, has not revealed himself.

Realizing it is a very low bar, not being an admitted Klansman is at least some improvement for the GOP leadership even if it is only because I don’t know it yet.


Anyone that’s been part of the “republican study group” isn’t qualified to be dog catcher.


A Georgia Peach…SERIOUSLY. Should’ve KNOWN that this NEW-BRRED-REPUBLICAN would show NO RESPECT for tradition. This man Tom is not the man next in line for the Speaker of the House.

Tom Price (R-GA) whom I consider the most vile member of Congress, majority leader. I would say it makes me ill, but he will surely give Americans a good taste of what comes when you elect republicans.

FYI he did lose a leadership fight to McMorris-Rogers in 2012.


Who is another completely reprehensible member of the Jesus caucus.

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He introduced the Pro-Growth Budgeting Act, which tells the CBO to use magic math where tax cuts = no cost.


“He and I have served for years together on the Budget and Ways and Means Committees, working to pay down our debt, fix our tax code, and grow our economy.”

That Ryan and Price have accomplished absolutely nothing of value in this regard, and have arguably done a great deal of damage to poor and middle-class Americans and the economy over the past 5 years, this is as much a condemnation as it is a testimonial.