Discussion: Paul Jab At Bush And Romney Over Common Core Backfires Spectacularly

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Oh hell, I got nuthin besides the obvious.


Proof there is a God?

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OMG, he’s modifying clip art…

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At least we know he did not plagiarize something this time.


And in other weird-ass news:

A group of concerned scientists just moved up the Doomsday Clock closer to our collective mass annihilation, to 3 minutes to midnight, due to recent concerns over man-made climate change, and ongoing denial by all these political jackasses. Good times. Let’s enjoy 'em while we got 'em people.


This reminds me of a sentence in a recent posted comment on an online article reporting that the NJ Transportation Commissioner had called for immediate safety inspections on every bridge in the state. The comment, made by a Top Commenter at northjersey.com, garnered 4 Likes.

“The biggest problem with goverment is not realizing the people they represent are many orders of magnatude more intelligent than they are.”



Oh my god these people are stupid.


Is it just me or does it seem like everything a Repub does is screwed up?


Just a random thought but someone ought create a spellcheck extension or app for twitter that includes all the weird abbreviations people tend to use. Or has that already happened?

I’m a big fan of Talking Points Memo. But the truth is that there are spelling and grammar errors on TPM several times a week. Most newspapers these days have errors. This is not 1970 when people had an editor to proofread things.

Okay, okay, it was a tweet. There ought to be SOME standards. :smiley:

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No, he just plagiarized from someone who couldn’t spell.

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Home-schooling strikes again.


bt dwn hre in the sth we oly use the letrs we hve 2. we b smrt enugh 2 figre the rst out. we b smrtr thn the avge fok who complne abt or eduton sys.

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So accordion to U, Rnd mispeld “frenchip”?

Apparently, he has no friens to proofread what he says in public.

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He screwed up a tweet.

And Republicans think he should be given the nuclear controls?

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A tweet war over a typo? How old are these people, twelve?

Ran Pall needs a pruf reeder

Pardon me: I like TPM a lot, and I think Rand’s a horse’s ass. But I find it a bit rich for TPM to criticize someone for not utilizing a competent proofreader.

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