Discussion: Paul Indicates He'll Vote Against Trump's Emergency, Forcing President's First Veto

I can see his future.


Not a surprise, really, there’s no other way Paul could vote and keep to his stated principles…and, much as I think he’s a total loser, he does believe in them and stick to them (for the most part). The rest of the Republicans should be voting with him, if they followed their stated principles…since they have instead granted their fealty to their new master Trump they will mostly go along with him instead. Sad.


Paul’s been drinking the Democratic Kool-Aid.


From WaPo which means the party has a short memory.

Acquiescence to Trump is now the defining trait of the Republican Party more than two years into his presidency — overwhelming and at times erasing principles that conservatives viewed as the foundation of the party for more than a half century.

Trump’s ownership of the GOP was on vivid display again Saturday, when the president appeared at the Conservative Political Action Conference (CPAC) in Maryland, an annual gathering that has transformed into a raucous celebration of Trump, featuring propaganda-style art and a speaker who declared that the president was “chosen by God.”


I bet Trump regrets bragging about how the Senate > House.


I know of a way, but that part hasn’t come up yet.


Five (with Lamar Alexander).


Hope springs eternal

Sens. Jerry Moran of Kansas, Ted Cruz of Texas, Marco Rubio of Florida, Roy Blunt of Missouri, Cory Gardner of Colorado, Lamar Alexander of Tennessee and Mike Lee of Utah are among those deliberating over how to vote.


Like I said before, Yertle has made it clear to his senators that they are mostly now on their own. Whatever it is that they believe will work to get them re-elected (pro Rump, anti Rump, whatever) is what matters. Rump either has reached the end of his usefulness or is very close to it.


From your mouth to God’s ears. But I think you’re correct. Before this they’d briskly passed sanctions measures, including at least one he simply didn’t bother to enforce, but other than that I can’t think of much assertion of their co-equal power. This is different. The analysis back in November was that people wanted Congress to be a check on the president, much as the founders did. So there’s that.

ETA I may have to start writing to some of these people along the lines of “Typically I hate you with the heat of a million suns but this was actually pretty cool thanks.”


For a long time he was the useful idiot, but an imminent senate election has a way of putting some starch in the backbones.


It’s remarkable that a Party with no morals, no guiding values (other than pillaging the treasury) or principles may actually get something right.


Now that Rand has stepped up (somewhat to my surprise, I admit) to be vote #51, it’ll be interesting to see how many others suddenly discover their backbones, at least for show.


Nice job but the stunt won’t end here. Trump will veto and it will go to the courts where it will be tied up for a generation and nothing will ever get done.

So why is no one talking about this as the reality? I realize the media gets far more mileage out of hyped up stories like a major political battle. The Legislative v. The Executive!! Please tune in! Please click! There’s not much interest in dead dogs.

But for Christ’s sake, that’s what Trump’s wall is. A dead fucking dog. And I thank the stars that it is. But when is he going to be branded as a loser on this and his Wall talked about as the stupid and unattainable campaign lie that it was? I want that story on the airwaves and the intertubes, and I want it yesterday. Trump the dope. Trump voters who believed in him as even bigger dopes. It will get him out of the White House in 2020, and Republicans out of every seat we have a reasonable chance of grabbing.

@brooklyndweller I like what you said above x a million.


Will Susan Collins and Ben Sasse exhibit concern as deep as Paul “indicating” something?


Gardner is in panic mode and trying to plow both sides of the issue. He issues statements trying to sound like a sane, thoughtful politician and a week later is again paying homage to Trump. It will be interesting to see if he manages to convince some fence sitters or if he loses support on both sides.


Yes, he has. Imagine the outrage in Republican circles having Republican senator value the Constitutional separation of powers over the childishly petulant Dear Leader, Russia’s Agent Orange. Paul must be lower than the lowest RINO. Horrors!!!


Ted Cruz is not going to vote against Trump. No matter how thoughtful he is trying to look.


Well, it’s still early. We can hope, but remember we’re talking about the lowest forms of humanity possible. There’s still time for these to return to their knees.

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