Discussion: Path For Criminal Justice Reform In Lame Duck? Depends On Which GOPer You Ask

Republicans working on a mental health bill?
Trump must be affecting them more then anyone knew.


Why is this even a story? Slow news day???

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Well, if we can’t keep guns away from the mentally ill, maybe we can keep the mentally ill away from guns. I have little hope of this happening though. Guns and the mentally ill seems to be an irreducible element of American culture.


Later, Ryan and McConnell agreed to a vote on limited criminal justice reform.

For retroactive violations of the Cuba embargo.

And misuse of charitable foundations for slush funds or tax avoidance.

Limited to Americans whose surnames rhyme with “Frump”.

Observers anticipate overwhelming Republican support.


“Path For Criminal Justice Reform In Lame Duck? Depends On Which GOPer You Ask”

Which, of course, depends in turn on whether their state/district will tolerate a Senator/Representative who might do something horrifying like lessen the rate at which black men are incarcerated and/or lose their voting rights.

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I know, right? It’s like priests running a daycare or something.

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Campaign screeds from Donald Trump on the state of rising crime in America => halt all efforts on criminal justice reform.

My logic circuits are not in sync with the very, very smart, capable people in the GOP.

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The Republican Party: Obstructionist Yesterday, Obstructionist Today, Obstructionist Tomorrow!

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Their plan is to outlaw mental health.