Discussion: Papa John's Founder Will Resign From Board As Part Of Settlement Deal

Let’s have a moment of silence for the purveyor of racism and horrible pizza…


A lot of people are saying they will be changing the name of the chain to Port o’ Johns at the next board meeting.


Hopefully, he’ll take his pizza recipe with him


Fuck him and his company. He still owns 30% of the shares. Until he divests, it’s still on my boycott list.


I should care about this because…


“I founded Papa John’s, built it from the ground up and remain its largest shareholder.

Yep and you are the reason I boycotted Papa John’s. I don’t eat pizza, but my daughters sure do, we found a local chain that’s just as “good”.


So You don’t buy their shitty pizza…

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Well good. Maybe now he can join Howard Schultz on the campaign trail where everyone’s used to bad pizza and stale coffee.

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Aren’t all of the large Pizza chains dominated by right-wing creeps?

I wouldn’t order Papa John’s until he has 0% stake in the company. Luckily the shitty-ass pizza trumps that anyway.

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All those business that rely on cheap labor are all dominated by scrooges. They’d use slaves if they could get away with it.

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I founded Papa John’s, built it from the ground up and remain its largest shareholder. I care deeply about its employees, franchisees and investors…

Everyone saw the deep care he showed for his employees when he raged against the ACA and threatened to reduce everyone’s hours so he wouldn’t have to pay the 12 cents per pizza.


That too. But I believe the fellow who founded Domino’s bankrolled a lot of anti-Choice activities, including supporting Sam Brownback.

Papa John’s - crappy pizza, crappy management

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Never have.

Never will.

There are others.

Easy call.
The pizza sucks.

If the guy was Mahatma Gandhi, I still wouldn’t eat his godawful gunk.

Yep. Monaghan was/is a rabid anti-choicer of the far right catholic variety. Tried to build a catholic company town and law school in Florida after he sold the chain. We still do our best never to order from them. (There’s a relative who has complicated food sensitivities that their pizzas apparently don’t tickle, so when he visits…)

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Rats. I didn’t know this. Ignorance was bliss while it lasted. :slight_smile:

He sold most or all of his stake, so you can rationalize them that way…

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