Discussion: Palin To PETA Over Dog Controversy: 'At Least Trig Didn’t Eat The Dog'

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Puck Falin


Wow. An attention-whoring organization whose reprehensibility is exacerbated by its enormous hypocrisy vs. an actual attention whore whose vileness is endlessly plumbing new depths of vile, both of whom will manage to fleece extra dollars out of their gullible donors as a result of this imbroglio. No one to root for because they’ve both already won.


Wow! The only thing worse than reading that absurdly written run-on sentence would be hearing her squraunchy voice delivering it!


Has anyone at PETA ever had a pet dog, particularly one as large as the guy in that picture? They love roughhousing and things like this, and that an “animal rights” organization would not know that is pathetic.

Amazing that it took an organization as whacked as PETA to make me agree with Sarah Palin.

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And yet, Tina Fey doing it in nearly the same voice would be hilarious.


Amazing that it took an organization as whacked as PETA to make me agree with Sarah Palin.

then you’re at least as much of an idiot as she is. I don’t see any “roughhousing” going on here, I see a little boy stepping on a supine animal, and a grandmother pretty much giggling over it, instead of remonstrating him, for using the dog as a step-stool.

what’s really pathetic here is that you clearly can’t tell the difference between “play” and abuse. your family has my sympathy.


You are spot on about both PETA and Palin. Plain’s response is so bizarre, based on ridiculous stereotypes (and not even the right stereotypes about PETA) and ill informed though that I have to say PETA comes out a little ahead.


Hardcore PETA people don’t own dogs. Many of their donors don’t realize it, but at their core, they are ideologically opposed to the concept of pet ownership and basically advocate the forced extinction of the domestic dog and cat species as preferable to their “enslavement.”

But you don’t fucking stand on a dog’s spine EVER, no matter how big the dog is.


I grew up with bigger dogs than that and as a child rule #1 was don’t ride the dog. Don’t use the dog as a step-stool never came up, but then I don’t have Down’s syndrome – but I guarantee, my folks would have shut that down if I’d tried it!


Have you read Animal Farm? Strike first. Enslave, kill, and eat animals. They are your enemies.

Your kids probably like to roughhouse too. Do you step on them?

And no, you never, ever, ever step on a pet dog. Not ever, unless you’re ok with the possibility of severing its spine and facing potential jail time for animal abuse and a massive veterinary bill. Beyond that - this kid has a mental disability and likely isn’t as capable of understanding right and wrong as other kids his age. The fact that Palin didn’t use the opportunity to drive the lesson home about how to treat a pet, and instead thought it cute enough to post on the internet is the big issue with this. What happens when this kid is 2x the size he is now, and thinks it’s ok to continue this type of behavior? You’re as big of an idiot as she is if you think this is remotely acceptable.


Pitch Balin


As far as we know he didn’t. But he did beat him up and vomit on him in a drunken stupor

Her continued decline into oblivion must be tough for her to deal with. In a few years, hopefully she’ll be nothing a more than the answer to a trivia question or two. It’s an exercise for the reader to come up with the questions.

I will never understand how anyone could have supported her for any kind of political office. The fact that she found this amusing enough to post online reveals a lot about her (lack of) character that most people could see but others chose to ignore.


PLEASE! Sarah is EX governor! She QUIT! She did not do an honorable job as governor - SHE QUIT! And, everyone should be glad that Sarah didn’t cook her pet and feed it to Trig. Thank you Sarah. I guess that is her message?


Standing on a dog’s spine? You think that is okay? Really? Really???


“…a photo of her son Trig stepping on her pet dog to reach the sink…”

Actually, several photos. She just happened to be photographing the whole episode.

Palin punks America (again).


WOW., sounds like Sister Sarah really needs some counseling sessions or an extended vacation as she seems to have become completely de-railed from reality…she spews such vitriol…not sure how she can even be considered a good mother to her children with such bitterness and anger…sad

PETA is an organization representing animals and trying to prevent cruelty to animals in a society that does not care and actually tortures animals. The way we treat cows and chickens is immoral. We slaughter millions of dogs and cats every year because we can’t be bothered to have our pets spade. Our fishing fleets have almost completed our destruction of sea life in the oceans not to mention using the seas as a dumping ground for all our plastic. We use and torture animals for medical experiments, dog fighting and cock fighting. Your trashing this organization is a reflection of your insensitivity and stupidity. Shame on you. At least we have an organization that represents animal rights and is in our face about our immoral treatment of animals. You got something against that?