Discussion: PA Gov. Wolf Withdraws Nomination Of Judge After Racist Email

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Good. Zero tolerance.


Better late than never. Glad he rushed in to correct this completely horrible choice. Gov. Wolf clearly needs much better advisors. Hopefully they are not hold-overs from the last administration in PA. He needs to get outside help if his area of expertise in not the legal profession. He’s a business guy. There are plenty of democratic judicial and lawyers groups, that could be of assistance to him in this area I would think. Try the ACLU governor. Maybe they can help.


How does somebody in this role have such a brain lapse to forward (even as a poor attempt at humor) such a joke. Let’s say the judge is not a rampant racist (?) … fine … but there’s no disputing he is colossally stupid! - it is as imbecilic as sending dick pix … and at very least, demonstrates serious lack of common sense.


But he is a Judge now. And Black people almost certainly come before him now.

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Amen to that.

Why do GoodChristians™ hate Christmas?

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Why do ‘Good Christians’ hate their neighbors?

Why do "good Christians’ believe the Bible is best suited to their neighbor’s problem(s)?

Excellent move, Governor. If only others would act as rapidly when obvious mistakes are made while performing official duties.

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New version of the OhSoNewTestament which condones

their Chri$harian Family Values is being rewritten on a weekly basis…

Guest columnists include
Mike-the-Huck-a-Buck with the help of TedTheNuge.
Bill O’Lie-A-Lot
etc…ad nauseam

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This way to the Egress. Don’t let the doorknob hit 'cha. Git!
Good job Gov. Never let the stink of racists settle on you.

Yes to this. Withdrawing the nomination was a good (and obvious) first step. Follow up with some behind-the-scenes personal apologies and line up the people and procedures that will help filter out losers like Kistler.


Only the Old Testament, though… they have to ignore Jesus’ radical changes in the New.

I’m trying to figure out how anyone could even begin to see this as funny. It just leaves me thinking “Hunh?”